Scale, safety & specificity are success factors for gaming advertisers: Nadav Perry

Nadav Perry, VP, Global Brand & Agency Development, Taboola, shared that page views and visits on gaming sites have increased by 32% & engagements by 53%, as compared to 2019

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Updated: Mar 22, 2021 9:08 AM
Nadav Perry

The second day of the two-day e4m Game on: Gaming Summit, on March 19, 2021, witnessed some insightful sessions and panel discussions. One such session was on the - 'Insights on Gaming from a Recommendation Engine Perspective' by Nadav Perry, VP, Global Brand, and Agency Development, Taboola.

Perry opened up the discussion on how the gaming industry can really succeed on the open web with Taboola? In his presentation at the event, Perry shared that 2020 was a year of a global pandemic, a year of economic crisis, and a year of significant headwinds in many different businesses in many different industries, including the advertising industry.  “Research, however, suggests that with this Coronavirus lockdown phenomenon, global gaming grew in revenue by almost 10% to a total of $159 billion revenue industry. Asia, continues to dominate this global gaming industry and accounts for about 49% of that,” said Perry. 

He further mentioned that just like the gaming industry flourished, a surge in media consumption in the open web was seen. Perry added, “At the peak of the first lockdown, we could see that readership on the open web, for news and other online content grew by 46%, and until today, the year-on-year growth in readership is substantial, at about 28% higher versus last year.”

He mentioned that not only do they see that people consume more news and content online, but actually by examining their Taboola data they also see that behaviors are changing. For instance, people are reading content when they wake up, they don't wait for mid-day or the afternoon. They start to consume content first thing in the morning.

Another interesting example Perry mentioned is that readership happens scattered throughout the week. Before COVID people were reading more on the weekends, now they're reading all through the week. What does this mean for the gaming industry in India? Perry said that it's been very interesting to follow that because, in 2020, they have seen exponential growth in interest for gaming content on the open web, in India.

The page views and site visits on gaming sites and on gaming-related content have grown by 32% versus 2019.  Engagement - the CPRPs and clicks on gaming-related content have grown by 53%. People are much more interested in keeping themselves engaged with gaming-related content. “In India 40% of the spend that was invested in Taboola in the gaming industry was invested in regional websites, addressing people across the country in their local languages. So the open web is a massive, opportunity for the gaming industry.”

Taking conversation ahead, Perry suggested three things to remember, which are the key success factors for gaming advertisers.

Scale -  Perry said that scale at Taboola is undeniable. “We reached 1.4 billion people monthly, globally, we power over 1 trillion recommendations per month, and we've partnered with over 9000 publishers across the world to create a very broad network of partnerships that can allow advertisers to reach scale.”  In India, this translates into 350 million monthly users that go through their network. This presents a significant region scale opportunity for gaming companies as they strive to increase their market share,

Safety - Underpinning their platform is the power of control. “We worked very hard on producing cutting-edge brand safety and suitability tools to give advertisers or partners, the power to choose their experience to meet the specific brand safety and suitability needs for each campaign.  They can control their ad agency, the context, and the content, in which their ad will appear. They can today verify brand safety verification criteria with third parties that they trust, such as IAS, MOAT, and others,” explained Perry.

Specificity -  Perry said that they believe that different marketers have different needs and what they pride themselves on is that Taboola delivers the capabilities through the marketing funnel from awareness through convergence, through first date deposits, loyalty, and everything in between. He said, “Whether you need to increase your awareness for a brand new game, whether you want to drive traffic to your site or drive a high ratio of registrations to deposits, The Taboola has the targeting solution, the ad formats, and the optimization algorithms to get you to your goal.”

Perry concluded, “I wanted to remind you that open web is a massive opportunity. In fact, people spend 20 to 25% of their time online reading editorial content, reading things that they are interested in and want to discover. Taboola can drive scale, safety, and specificity to drive your marketing objectives, come talk to us.”

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