'Roposo has created an entirely new category of creator-led live entertainment commerce'

Mansi Jain, GM and Vice President, Roposo and Commerce for Glance, shared the platform's strategy to build a creator-led live commerce business, which included the Shop 101 acquisition

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Mansi Jain

In a strategic move, InMobi-owned Roposo transitioned from a short-video platform to creator-led live entertainment commerce platform in October. The company plans to build Roposo into the largest platform for creator-led live shopping in India before taking it to other markets like Southeast Asia and USA.

In line with this strategy, Glance had acquired full stack e-commerce platform Shop101 in June and integrated it with Roposo to enable digital shopping on the platform. In order to provide scale to the live commerce proposition, Roposo content will also be visible on Glance Lock screens. exchange4media caught up with Mansi Jain, GM and Vice President, Roposo and Commerce for Glance to know more about the platform's strategy to build a creator-led live commerce business.


How has Roposo evolved and grown as a platform in 2021?
Roposo which began as a short video platform recently launched India’s first creator-led live entertainment commerce platform. We believe we were ahead of the curve in realising the potential of live creator-driven commerce in the country, which we have seen doing well in markets like China and the US. This reflects in our decision of acquiring Shop 101, the Glance Collective JV and investment in Collective Artists Network.

With the intent to disrupt online shopping, we are bringing together creators, commerce and entertainment, in a virtual mall-like experience. At Roposo, the creator will always be the hero as we aim to enable them to not just be creators, but entrepreneurs - ‘createrpeneurs’ as we like to call them. They can run their own pop stores, talk about the latest trends and form their own identities for greater monetization opportunities and leverage their fan following, especially for Gen-Z consumers. This also leads to a new creator economy in the country as creators can conduct masterclasses, sell tickets for their performances, users can buy them gifts digitally, so on and so forth all in a live environment.

What goals have been set for growing Roposo in 2022?
As we grow, we aim to multiply our reach while integrating deeply with Glance Lock Screen. We plan to onboard some of the country’s leading digital creators across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, fitness, comedy, music, and dance for live commerce and live content on Roposo. We are also looking to launch hundreds of creator-driven direct-to-consumer brands. By next year, we intend to be present in Southeast Asia and the US.

How many users do you have on the platform, and where do they come from?
Roposo currently has approximately 30 million monthly active users and we expect this to increase as we scale. We have a mix of users across the metros and other tiers. Given we are a live commerce platform, our goal is to focus on users making transactions – from discovery to purchase, and not just from a content consumption standpoint.

What is the USP of Roposo as a platform?
We believe we have created an entirely new category of creator-led live entertainment commerce which no one else in the country is doing currently, and we have a first-mover advantage. We intend to leverage Shop101’s technology, comprehensive supply chain infrastructure and vast experience in managing end-to-end digital shopping from discovery to end fulfilment. We have formed some deep, strategic synergies with creators, and celebrities.
Apart from major existing known direct to consumer brands, Roposo will also feature multiple labels in fashion, home décor, health and fitness, etc, which we are co-creating with some of the biggest celebrities and influencers, through Glance Collective. We recently launched EK with Ekta Kapoor on this front. Further, Roposo has the massive scale and reach of the Glance platform with its over 150 million active users.

Have you started monetising the platform and what kind of growth are you expecting?
We have monetization strategies in place for the platform, our brand partners and creators. While it is still early for us, we expect to grow at a good pace. We are looking to build a significantly large commerce business over the next year. With the scale of Glance and uniqueness of live shopping, we can expect to potentially power large transactions in the country. The revenue models for our creators doing live commerce lead to greater monetization opportunities for them rather than just monetizing content. Apart from their own pop stores, they can leverage their masterclasses and much more.

What was the idea behind pivoting to pop-culture-driven live-streaming commerce?
The live creator-led commerce model has already proven to be successful in markets like China and the U.S., and there is immense potential for it in India. We recognized this opportunity and have made efforts towards our live commerce play for quite some time now, the strategy for which included the Shop 101 acquisition. We also combined synergies with Collect Artists Network on the talent front to have the best of creators and celebrities on our platform. With Roposo users now have India’s first dedicated destination for pop-culture driven live streaming commerce.

How will you exploit synergies between Roposo and Shop101 & Glance Live?
Roposo, Shop101, and Glance Live all tie in together to deliver live entertainment commerce to its users at large. Shop 101 is deeply integrated within Roposo and will power the entire commerce proposition with its technology, comprehensive supply chain infrastructure and vast experience in managing end-to-end digital shopping.

Glance also recently launched Glance LIVE, which brings users some of the best of live content from across the internet, on the lock screens of their smartphones. Roposo creators doing live commerce will have access to millions of users on Glance to drive scale and transactions. For a consumer, most apps are intent-driven and have struggled from a discovery standpoint, which is not the case with Glance.

Roposo on the other hand reaches 150 million-plus Glance users as live commerce and content which appears on Roposo will also be visible on the Glance Lock Screens. They can be directed to Roposo to make the purchase. That way, we are creating a flywheel between Glance and Roposo to ensure consumers are discovering and purchasing between the two platforms.

What opportunity do you see in the mobile and online commerce space?
India is at the cusp of making huge inroads into the live creator-driven commerce space which is touted as the next big thing in digital commerce and is said to become a $40 billion opportunity by 2025. The mobile and online commerce segment in the country is ripe for disruption, especially for GenZ, as consumers, today are likely to look for fun shopping experiences that go beyond transactional e-commerce. They are looking for experiences that feel real, authentic, and replicate the offline world. We are excited to explore this space deeper as we move forward.

Apart from live commerce, which are the other revenue streams you will focus on?
At a Glance level, live commerce is one of our key growth drivers along with advertising and digital commerce.

How do you plan to attract content creators and influencers to the platform?
Right now, we already have large creators and celebrities who we have onboarded directly. Since it is still a nascent ecosystem, we work with a lot of partners to do so. Our entire platform is creator-centric and all our efforts are targeted towards empowering the creator as we provide premium entertaining shopping experiences for our users.
Live commerce is an opportunity for creators to own their pop stores and turn entrepreneurs and make an identity, raising the bar and increasing their ability to monetize. They can also conduct live masterclasses and shows that users could pay for - whether it is a fashion creator going live and launching her latest collection of the season or a music rapper performing live in a virtual concert.
We also are committed to grooming and training creators to engage and influence better and make a serious career out of live commerce and content. This proposition is a win-win situation for not just us but also the creator, and so far, we have received a good response. We believe we are set to create a digital destination that creators will want to be a part of.

How do you plan to dial up monetization for creators?
Apart from owning their pop stores in the live commerce environment, creators can conduct masterclasses, and sell tickets to their live virtual shows. This is coupled with digital commerce which involves microtransactions on the platform wherein users can gift a sticker to a creator through the Roposo coin economy.

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