Pepsi fires Ranbir Kapoor, scouts for new Pepsi IPL interns

A snazzy digital campaign creates high online buzz by asking audiences if they can be 'That Pepsi Intern' and take Kapoor's place at Pepsi IPL

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Updated: Apr 14, 2014 8:06 AM
Pepsi fires Ranbir Kapoor, scouts for new Pepsi IPL interns

As the follow up of its social media campaign @ThatPepsiIntern where Pepsi hired brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor as its intern, it has now fired him and opened up the position for all common folks. Winners will get VIP access at the matches, participate in crazy tasks and get a once in a lifetime experience this IPL season, and the coveted title of @ThatPepsiIntern.

The contest involves uploading a selfie with Pepsi, answering the given question to become the next @ThatPepsiIntern. The experiential campaign has generated a lot of social media buzz.

Pepsi also released a short video of Ranbir Kapoor, calling it @ThatPepsiIntern- Epic Trailer, depicting how ‘awesome’ his life was while he was that Pepsi intern. The video shows how his life was an ‘epicness overload’, with thrilling experiences and VIP treatment. But, he is literally given a pink slip and is fired, at which point, the audience is asked ‘Can you be that Pepsi Intern’?

The video is youthful and eye-catching with enjoyable background music and voiceover. On Twitter, the campaign has generated a lot of buzz. People have been tweeting a variety of entertaining selfies with Pepsi. The campaign appeals to the youth and is perfectly timed. The growing selfie culture will drive the engagement of this campaign further on social media. With the IPL around the corner creating such innovation has made Pepsi the centre of the game once again.

Being at the top of the consumer’s mind is very essential in the current scenario. Just being a prime sponsor doesn’t help. The brand has to keep innovating to stay on top.

The campaign is highly engaging from the audience point of view. According to Sachin Kumar, Senior Business Director, Maxus Interaction, the campaign will not only drive volumes but also drive love for the brand. “Youth loves to flaunt and what's better than opportunity given by brand to cover one of the most glamorous sporting events in India where one would not only get an opportunity to cover live event but also get an opportunity to take selfies with various celebrities,” he said. He added that this activity will give scale to the brand and allows sustainable engagement with youth during the summer season which is the most important period for the cola category.

“Pepsi Interns will get exclusive access to the matches like never before but moreover they’re also going to be the inside access to the Pepsi IPL for millions of Pepsi IPL fans. The campaign started at Pepsi IPL auctions where Ranbir was introduced as @thatPepsiIntern and gave everyone a glimpse into the awesome life of @thatPepsiIntern. We’ve now launched the The Epic Trailer (online) which shows Ranbir’s journey and kicks off the recruitment for the next set of interns,” shared Rishi Dogra, Head-Digital Marketing,  PepsiCo India.

The digital campaign is being highly promoted on social media and going forward will be promoted through on-ground activation as well.

Watch the video here:

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