‘Parva aims to create a fair, open and transparent platform for buyers & sellers of media’

CEO Raghu Seelamsetty says the newly launched adtech platform hopes to break the dominance of international tech conglomerates in the space

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Published: Apr 13, 2022 8:41 AM  | 4 min read

The media landscape in India is in a constant state of evolution as new players and technologies keep driving both its growth as well as complexity. One of the few constants, however, is the need for advertisers to always read the pulse of the market and be able to anticipate as well as provide to the ever-growing customer demands. While the adtech space has been largely controlled by a few international tech conglomerates, Parva hopes to change that.

A newly launched adtech platform, Parva is a consortium of premium Indian publishers such as Times Internet Limited, Sakal Media, ABP, Jagran, among others, as well as a number of industry stakeholders like Truecaller and Quikr, to create a suite of scaled-up media buying solutions for its customers. Industry veteran Raghu Seelamsetty, is the CEO of Parva.

As someone who has seen the Indian digital marketing and ad tech space bloom, grow and explode over the years,  Seelamsetty has been deeply embedded in the A&M ecosystem. “When I entered the space back in 2008, the industry was around Rs 400 crore in India, and now if you look at the numbers, it’s crazy, and they’re constantly increasing,” he says, adding that there is a clear demand for consumer data and analytics, even as only a handful of foreign companies have been reaping the rewards by providing this data.

The idea of Parva has developed over the past couple of years, with Seelamsetty engaging with all industry stakeholders to create a platform that is for the publishers and by the publishers. “The adtech space is dominated by Google and Facebook, not just in India, but around the world. Whenever I would speak to agencies, advertisers and our own premium Indian publishers, who create great original content and products, the one question that they would always come up was how can we scale up our own business,” explains Seelamsetty.

Parva, backed by the might of some of the country’s leading publications, commands a market presence of 360 million monthly active users, serving 2,241 million monthly ad impressions, making it ideally placed to become a domestic powerhouse for consumer data and market insights.

“Even if at present we aren’t operating at the level Google and the few others, the idea is to consolidate as much as we can and scale up our offerings, wrapped in a layer of technology, and offer much of the same tools that Google does, whether it’s micro-targeting, audience analytics and a suite of other adtech solutions,” says Seelamsetty.

He says that essentially Parva is designed to be a multi-utility technology platform that allows media buyers to reach out to their customers in a trusted, premium, and brand-safe environment. Offering the services of a proven adtech stack, as well as the legitimacy and quality of its associated brands, Parva promises to enable advertisers to reach their customers at scale while driving superior business outcomes for them.

“While we’re not a programmatic platform in the truest sense of the term, we do act as gatekeepers, especially when it comes to the publishers who we invite to become part of our consortium. When a company wants to come on board, we go through a value inventory with them and ensure that they have the technological infrastructure and other essentials. It’s an ongoing process, and so we’ll always be working with them even as our data and systems also continue to grow and upgrade,” says Seelamsetty.

He says that given the trust that Indian consumers have towards the associated publishers, these should play a more central role in the India Internet story and should be the stewards of collective data. “Parva looks to bring together some of the most trusted names among Indian publishers to create a fair, open and transparent platform for both the buyers and sellers of media,” concludes Seelamsetty.



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