Net Neutrality: Social media puts a hilarious spin on net neutrality

We take you through some of the best creative enterprises on social media that address the issue of net neutrality while tickling the funny bone

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Updated: Apr 21, 2015 8:16 AM
Net Neutrality: Social media puts a hilarious spin on net neutrality

With a lot being said about net neutrality, and its impact on the future of the Internet, only one industry is attempting to up the ante and trying to educate the common netizen of the day-to-day impact of the situation in simple and humorous ways—the creatives.

These guys were the ones that fired up the entire debate with their out-of-the-box means of raising awareness on the subject. exchange4media takes you through some of the best creative enterprises that actually reached out to netizens on social media.

The Viral Fever:



The Logical Indian:

Even as many such creatives flooded the internet over the past fortnight, and tech enthusiasts and netizens were already in support of net neutrality, it was the AIB video that helped reach out to the masses. AIB created a nine-minute long ‘Save the Internet’ video on net neutrality, which stated that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform or application.

The video in essence explains how open & free internet is essential for India, explaining how the telecom companies want to carve the internet sector and charge separately for each and every service we use.

After Flipkart pitched in to support Airtel to lobby against users with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, All India Bakchod have done the needful to 'save', not 'break' the internet. The video pleads the viewers to click to to send a mail to Telecom Regulation Authority of India to stop the telecom companies from changing the face of internet in India.

Watch the video here:

Social media pages are still filling up with creatives, ads, articles and petitions about keeping net neutrality intact in the country.

Even though this debate began a year ago abroad, it was Airtel’s announcement of the launch of a new marketing platform, Airtel Zero, allowing customers to access apps of participating app developers at zero data charges. It instantly faced criticism from netizens for violating net neutrality.

It seems that net neutrality is finally reaching its debate potential in India.




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