Learned power of combining human and machine intelligence: CEO, Regalix

Vikas Sharan, shares Regalix's vision and mission, and how the company has progressed over the years since its inception in 2004 with the ever-evolving technologies

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Updated: Mar 22, 2018 8:54 AM

Found over a decade ago in the heart of Silicon Valley, Regalix works with enterprises in the hi-tech, ad-tech and retail domains. With its roots in data-driven and ROI-oriented marketing, Regalix aims to deliver seamless customer experiences in today's subscription-based economy.

In an interview with exchange4media, Vikas Sharan, shares Regalix's vision and mission, and how the company has progressed over the years since its inception in 2004 with the ever-evolving technologies.


How has Regalix evolved and how have you progressed in client servicing? Do you have any direct competition in this field?

We have a lot of direct competition depending on where and which slice of the puzzle we are trying to get involved with. If you look at the acquisition awareness part, we compete with a lot of agencies. We routinely run into both very small boutique firms as well as large global agencies. When we are looking at scaled operations, we run into companies such as Accenture and Cognizant that are known for process work. What sets us uniquely apart from either of the agencies or the process companies, is our ability to do a couple of things.

Over the time, we have learned the power of combining human intelligence with machine intelligence to create an optimum balance between the two. That's critical. Also, we came out of Silicon Valley, a lot of these large agencies are not designed to do. We're a team of entrepreneurs. We think and act differently, we're very comfortable jumping in and getting our hands dirty on core business problems. We don't rely on customers to tell us what the problem is. We sometimes lead the customer, challenge them on understanding the problems, but at the same time we come back and create something almost as entrepreneurs would, in a way that is ground-breaking, new and different. We've failed many times doing this, but that is part of the journey.

With so many players entering, the market is becoming cluttered too. What are your thoughts on this?

There are many players but one has never been short of players. If there's a problem to solve, many companies do it and it is part of the value. We can learn from the best and brightest. I'll answer the question in two different ways.

One is in the technology space. Companies are attacking marketing tech, adtech with technology and that has got them to some considerable distance. But if you look at them, they've not been breakout players even in marketing automation. Look at adtech platforms. If you look at Marketo, all of them have got into critical scale, but they haven't created a breakout play. They're missing the other part, which is human intelligence. So technology innovation is one key that will continue.

Most companies continue their journey of making their algorithms smarter, but they need to rely on making their algorithms complement human intelligence and that's not a part that companies are really focusing on. That's one shift that companies, as they go forward, will understand, realize and then tune their technology innovation.

The second part is data. What I mean by data is that we hear a lot about artificial intelligence, machine learning and all the key buzzwords, but the intelligence part of it comes from training a system with lots of data. Now the other trend that we're seeing is that consumers are becoming aware of their privacy and they're shying away from the willingness to share data.

Regalix has been in the industry for some time now. Has it started to focus more on customer engagement also?

Customer engagement is part of how you engage with a customer. The problem that what we're really trying to solve is how to create revenues and profitable growth for businesses. You need to create an awareness program for customers because they need to be aware of the product and brand. They need to be nurtured, engaged and guided with ease across the entire journey. So every touch point the consumer has with the brand needs to be supported in an optimal model.

What are your upcoming plans?

To continue to support the larger global Fortune-5000 brands in their journey of profitable growth. We're partnering with some of the largest businesses in the world and our entire model relies on delivering tangible business growth for them as the end output and we take the share of that growth.

What are your plans for 2018?

From a growth perspective, we are probably going to grow 50 per cent of our headcount overall. We just started operations in Europe and we will be scaling our operations there to support global customers. We are also expanding in the US. We are likely to start a couple of new offices in India in addition to our Bangalore and Hyderabad operations which are scaled. We've just started operations in Pune and we might look at extending our operations to other parts of the country down the road. So, India will see a fair share of our investment and growth and we will also expand in Europe and North America.

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