Lack of good data is impeding the growth of mobile marketing, say experts

While TRAI has put a cap on text messages and services like 'do not disturb' have come into play, how does one use this medium without putting off the potential customer for good?

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Updated: Feb 10, 2014 8:42 AM
Lack of good data is impeding the growth of mobile marketing, say experts

Mobile phone as a channel for advertising remains largely untapped in our country, due to either lack of good data or knowledge on how to utilise its full potential.

Is it lack of ROI or useful data that is preventing mobile marketing to reach its true potential? Questions such as these were answered by a group of experts including Aman Malhotra, Digital Marketing Head, Samsung India; Sunil Kuttam, VP - Marketing, Aircel; Raghu Venkataraman, Head - Big Data & Digital Services, Neilsen; and Manish Khanduri, VP - Business Development and Marketing, IMImobile.

Venkatraman opined that mobile is a medium meant for personalised communication and this aspect sometimes is as a boon and a bane. “Because of this very aspect, you stand a chance of upsetting the recipient as well,” he stated. He further said that as of now return of investment is not an issue as most brands are just ‘dipping their toes’ to try out the medium. According to him, ROI should not be the objective as of now, trying out the medium should be.

Malhotra shared that Samsung’s spends on mobile marketing are spread over three areas – mobile internet, apps and generating leads from handsets. He further added that they see a great ROI, but it depends on the core objective of the campaign. Malhotra further shared that at Samsung, only 20 per cent of the total marketing spends goes into digital marketing and out of that just 20 per cent goes into mobile marketing, owing to the traditional approach of marketers. “It is very difficult to find the exact unique reach of my online campaign,” he added. He further stated that there is no central agency to certify the numbers in the digital domain like there is IRS for print and TAM for television. “We have comScore, but some or the other brand is challenging its numbers,” he said.

Kuttam of Aircel opined that the only challenge facing mobile marketing as of now is ROI. “Eventually, the mobile marketing platform will be huge as it is the cheapest and most effective medium out there,” he said. He added that telecom companies such as Aircel have so much data and information on the consumer today and it all depends on how it can be integrated with advertisement. In his opinion, it is a challenge to give the advertiser the right kind of information and, in turn, get him to spend more on the medium.

Khanduri from IMImobile stated that despite the audience being largest in the medium, the spends are the lowest. There is disparity between ratio of readership/ viewership and advertising spends. “But this will change soon. It is a medium that everyone wants to be on. It has great potential and there are multiple ways to reach out to the consumers, such as SMS, IVR, apps, etc.,” he concluded.

The group of experts were discussing mobile marketing in a panel discussion on ‘Lack of good data: Is it impeding the growth of mobile marketing?’, held at IAMAI’s 8th India Digital Summit.


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