Finding the funny side: Is humour & quirk the key to consumer’s heart?

Condom brands such as Manforce and Durex have tickled the funny bone of the consumers and won their hearts with their quirky social media campaigns

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Published: Jun 27, 2019 8:43 AM  | 5 min read

In today’s competitive world of marketing what leaves an indelible mark in the consumers’ mind is the way brands tell their stories. And when it comes to storytelling, what could be better if besides touching the emotional chord, brands tickle the funny bone of the consumers and win their hearts. Some of the brands such as Manforce and Durex have managed to do this of late with their slapstick humour and witty promotions on social media and have been a massive hit among consumers. 

Durex India recently launched a new brand campaign that aims to create awareness about orgasm inequality between men and women. The film highlights the fact that sex is great when you #ComeTogether. The brand went all out to on its social media handle to talk about their latest campaign. One of the tweets from the brand read: ‘Turn every night into a win-win night.’

While condom brands continue to advertise across ATL mediums under strict guidelines, they have started using social media extensively for establishing a direct line of communication with their consumers.

In an interesting move, Manforce stepped up their game with moment marketing. During the General elections 2019, journalist Arnab Goswami accidentally addressed Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone during the counting day coverage. And the creative minds behind Manforce, which is endorsed by Sunny Leone, quickly jumped on to the chatter around the faux pas to use it to their advantage and how!

The brand, which is known for its quirky ads, turned around the whole incident into a successful digital media campaign in just a day’s time. Grapes Digital’s creative around the incident that didn’t last for even 2 seconds reached 1.5 million users just on Facebook. The creative that said, “Dear Arnab, we understand she is always on our mind as well” followed by a hashtag #thenationknows, saw close to 57,000 likes and 8,000 shares across social media.

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Similarly, several brands have used different occasions such as the final episode of Game of Thrones, Father’s day, India Vs Pakistan World Cup match, Earth Hour, April Fool Day etc to come up with funy and quirky campaigns.

exchange4media spoke to experts to dig deep about how the quirky way to reach the consumers have been fruitful for brands in engaging with consumers?

Sabyasachi Mitter, Founder and Managing Director of Fulcro, feels that quirky communication laced with a product feature has always been a sure shot way to reach the Indian audiences.

“Case in point: Pidilite’s Fevicol. They have always been a benchmark when it comes to striking a cord with the lay audiences and leaving them with a smile,” he explains.

So, what is it that future holds for brands using innovative marketing strategies?  

According to Jagdeep Kapoor, brand consultant & CMD of Samsika Marketing Consultants, to enter the consumer’s mind and heart, one needs to make the consumer laugh.

“Innovation is the way of the future. If you don’t innovate, you will be forgotten. But there’s one thing that is pertinent when it comes to executing an innovative marketing strategy: the creative layer. The layer that tells the story in a compelling manner should always leave the viewer with a smile of realisation, ‘ah that’s meant for me!’ The day brands start doing this, they will be inseparable from the minds of the consumer,” Mitter adds.

Kapoor further explains that brands are built in the minds and hearts of consumers, and not in factories or offices or stores. “To enter the consumer’s mind and heart, you need to make the consumer remember tender moments; you need to make the consumer forget the worries. And to do this, you need to cut the clutter, stand out, and be outstanding! Hence, these innovative strategies that touch the mind and heart, work in favour of the brand’s recall and purchase & consumption. Everyone loves a story. Otherwise you will be history,” he says.

Brand guru Harish Bijoor, Founder of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc, thinks that humour is a dicey thing to use and not all funny campaigns bless the brand.

“Tickling the funny bone of the consumer and weaving your way into the heart of the consumer is a good thing. However, all funny campaigns do not bless the brand. Many maim the very brands they promote. Humour is a dicey thing to use. Humour and fun gets you awareness, but going beyond that is a long and planned travel on its own,” he reasons.

Another condom brand Moods also launched a campaign on social media taking cue from IPL and tweaking it as India Pleasure League. In the past, Manforce has launched campaigns for its ‘Achaari’ flavoured condom. The Facebook post of Manforce read 'For the Parantha and Achaar lovers!' with the hastag #FlavoursofIndia. The post was shared on Facebook over 4,100 times and over 6,200 likes and other reactions and most importantly 2,700 comments. 

Durex also came out with a new condom line called 'Jeans' for which it launched teasers on Twitter and Facebook starring brand ambassador Ranveer Singh.

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