Epsilon India will be a driver of growth and relevance for Epsilon globally: Ashish Sinha

In an interaction with exchange4media, Sinha, the Country Head at Epsilon shared insights on the growth of Epsilon, integration of Artificial Intelligence and the future of other conventional mediums of marketing

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Updated: Oct 11, 2017 8:39 AM

Epsilon has busy growing its associate base in India to meet client and global requirements. The digital marketing company has also spent considerable time building next generation marketing solution skills, both technology oriented as well as data and creatives. In an interaction with exchange4media, Ashish Sinha, Country Head, Epsilon, shared his insights on the growth of Epsilon, integration of Artificial Intelligence, and the future of other conventional mediums of marketing.


Which sector is spending the most on marketing in India today?

All industries are going through a digital transformation and rethinking their value proposition to try and engage customers in a highly competitive market. Some industries, like retail, are ahead of the curve because online players like Amazon are established and have forced them to be innovative. Other industries like Banking, Automotive and Travel and Hospitality are on the precipice of transformation thanks to mobile and the Internet Of Things. You will see marketing spend increase as a result of these factors.

Digital marketing is the talk of the town. What do you think could be the future of other conventional mediums of marketing?

Millennials consume media in very different ways than the traditional consumers of yesteryears who were satisfied with being marketed to via billboards, TV, radio etc. Therefore, we will see continued changes (and in some cases declines) in the usage of how conventional modes of marketing are used.

Moving forward, the future of marketing will be about empowering consumers, enhancing solutions through artificial intelligence and creating immersive experiences. The key to keeping engagement, retention and brand equity is by focusing on innovation and keeping a pulse on consumer behaviour shifts to identify market disruptions and opportunities. One shift we are already seeing is the shift from mobile-first to AI-first. For example, this means we will see more voice + paired visual experiences come to market where voice is driving a visual experience to further enhance Alexa Skills and Google Actions.

How will Artificial Intelligence help in churning better marketing efforts in the future?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly transforming business, products and services. A primary fuel for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is data. Understanding how to create actionable data-centric AI experiences is critical to drive growth and improve marketing efforts in the future.

Do you think it is the right time to adopt AI in India?

AI is already being adopted by certain industries e.g. telecom, ecommerce and retail. But it is still in its nascent stage. There is still a maturity curve that needs to be traversed before AI is taken seriously as a market differentiator. However, companies that are brave enough to invest in AI tools and technologies will certainly have a competitive advantage in the experiences they deliver to their consumers.

Is India today one of the most lucrative markets?

There is immense technology talent in India. We set up operations in Bangalore to take advantage of the innovative mind set to be able to meet our clients’ global requirements and scale. Epsilon delivers strategy, analytics, creative and technology for some of the world’s largest brands and this market is lucrative to help Epsilon deliver marketing campaigns on behalf of our global client base. We are also looking to deliver for clients locally since we have an established footprint in the region.

How is Epsilon growing year on year?

Epsilon’s parent company, Alliance Data, reported Epsilon revenue increased 5% in Q2 2017. At Epsilon Bangalore, we are growing rapidly through human capital (~20% Y-o-Y) to support Epsilon revenue growth, strengthen existing customer relationships and help make us cost-competitive. All of this combined makes Epsilon India operations vital to Epsilon’s global success.

Where does Epsilon see itself three years from now? What plans are there in the pipeline?

We will continue to innovate our product offerings to help CMOs reach their customers at moments of interest and forge emotional bonds. Part of this includes creating packaged product offerings that leverage the cloud to improve our client’s time-to-market and make our product offerings more adaptable, scalable and real-time. With a rich history and heritage of innovation we will continue on this path and continue to deliver industry-leading technology and unrivalled data intelligence that helps our clients reach consumers with personalized marketing messages across devices, time and media.

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