E-commerce business is set to double by 2020: Andrew Humber, Webscale

Webscale plans to build the brand around smooth operations for the e-commerce sector and then move on to demand generation

e4m by Akshata R Murthy
Updated: Nov 16, 2017 9:13 AM

With e-commerce scaling new heights, Webscale a platform that looks after seamless functioning of e-commerce sites, is much needed. The VP of Marketing of the company, Andrew Humber, talks about their entry into the Indian market, present marketing strategy and plans ahead.


What is Webscale?

The company was founded in 2008. Our founder, James Smith, had published a paper about this idea and technically started with this company. It’s all about how we can scale with the cloud and spread it and use it to make businesses advance better.

Cloud has become a common technology that’s used by many. How is Webscale different?

Webscale is focussing a 100 per cent on e-commerce platforms. What you might find in a lot of e-commerce businesses today is that they are in a somewhat closed data-centric environment. It is very difficult for them to scale with traffic, quality issues, liabilities and time issues. We focussed on this segment because first of all, it is a huge segment. In 2016, it was worth almost about 1.9 trillion dollars and this is going to grow and double by 2020. Over 60 per cent of that revenue is by the mid-market. The mid-market is not the Amazons and others. They are smaller companies who have a lot of IT resources and people who manage easily. We help in catalysing them and make them fast and scalable. We take care of their security and firewall system which has become a really essential part of not just e-commerce but any sector with an online presence now. We are very targeted and tailored towards the e-commerce world.

Tell us about your entry into the Indian market. When did you come and how do you place yourself here right now?

I think we entered the Indian market when I joined Webscale, about two years ago. Essentially, we’re addressing the English-speaking markets right now. There is this synergy with the Indian market and we have some strong connections here from prior roles as well, so we built an office here. We have a few others including a part of my marketing team is here as well. The Indian market is obviously a huge opportunity and every segment here is growing really fast. We’re having some early success here in the Indian market. Any market which has that rapid growth, interests us. We have a presence here right now and that’s going to expand in the future.

What’s your marketing plan for India?

We are the only company in this space with this focus on e-commerce. We bring certain features that no one else does. So, my team in India and I are going to build a pretty broad-faced campaign around all the choices of advertising and especially social media. We do a lot of work around the campaign with a good research team that helps us identify the great customers here so that we can specifically target those accounts and build multi-touch programs around them.

What’s your strategy to market the company?

The strategy is to identify the key platforms we want to go through and then target and build up the individual aspects for channel programs. The important thing is to understand the pain points and build around them. Making case studies, customer research and building examples will help us build the proof points. We need to be at the level where we can say we have the experience and we’ve done this before. There’s going to be testimonials and heavy video work in the multi-touch campaigns we’ll be working on.

For one or two quarters from now, we will be building the brand of Webscale. So, we’ll be doing a lot more tradeshows, account-based marketing and a corporate video. Once we’ve reached the target, then we’ll focus more on demand generation about six months down the line. We’ll do more account based marketing campaigns, email marketing and so on. It’s predominantly going to be about digital since we are dealing with a digital customer.

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