Digital has given storytellers the liberty to explore: Anadi Sah, Isobar

Sah, Innovation Lead- Creative & Technology, Isobar, talks about storytelling in the digital era, content marketing trends and more

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Published: Feb 28, 2019 8:05 AM  | 3 min read

Since the dawn of human history, storytelling has played a vital role in shaping our understanding of the world around us. Stories can be windows to the past, snapshots of the present, or glimpses into the future. And when it comes to storytelling, technology undoubtedly has a profound impact: as technology evolves, so does the ways to communicate a story.

Global digital agency Isobar communicates stories through its creative outreach. The agency has been transforming businesses, brands and people's lives with their creative use of digital. From their award winning campaign with Reebok #BruisesCanBeGood to The Blind Faith Upgrade, the agency leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creativity. 

We spoke to Anadi Sah, Innovation Lead- Creative & Technology, Isobar, about storytelling in the digital era, content marketing trends and more.

Edited Excerpts: 

What are the current content marketing trends and what will be the focus of Isobar in 2019?

At present, video content is everywhere. There is so much video out there for people to consume. But as an agency, we need to look beyond that; there are interesting ways to deliver video content if at all we want to stay in the realm of a video. There are scenarios where we would want to not just get the eyeballs but also have some insight & meaningful action. Nowadays, we see that advertising campaigns are just building hype. We want to shift from hype mode to help mode, where we help solve the real-world problems.
Consumers are glued to the content more than the ads. But also, just content will not help. Actionable insight/solution-based content needs to be pushed, which will effectively help the real world.

How is technology & innovation driving the future of consumer experience?

It is driving it in a lot of ways. If you look at data and analytics, there are brands that are looking at a deeper level, targeting content and ad format. For example: Netflix today is producing content or showing a promo customised to my viewing behaviour. It’s more about identifying consumers through data and figuring out new ways to target them and customise content.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a major hit. We are looking at scenarios where storyline is being crafted through AI on the basis of audience interest and behaviour. There are a lot of things that are happening on VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) as they are adding a new sensory experience. There is technology like facial recognition that has been used by brands across platforms. Technology is reaching out to people and helping them out with the problems that they face.

What are the key points that you keep in mind before delivering an ad campaign?

We always keep in mind the end result; that’s the first step. The delivery mode has to have a brand value and it can be as basic as a delightful experience.

How has storytelling changed or evolved in the digital era?

With digital coming into picture, everything has changed. Storytelling has become more flexible. I can have my story without any restriction of time; I can have multiple endings, which was otherwise impossible. I can deliver a story on the basis of the viewer’s choice. Bandersnatch is a great example. These are the scenarios that have been made possible only because of digital; no other medium would have given us such a liberty to explore.

Watch Isobar’s #BruisesCanBeGood and The Blind Faith Upgrade campaigns:

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