Digital and Data are the Yin and Yang of advertising: Florian Lichtwald, Zeotap

At the Mozeo session, Florian Lichtwald, VP, Global Telecom Partnerships & Operations, Zeotap, APAC, spoke about how data is the new oil and threw light on how Zeotap is leveraging this

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Updated: Jun 18, 2017 8:17 AM
Digital and Data are the Yin and Yang of advertising: Florian Lichtwald, Zeotap

At exchange4media’s Tech Manch Digital Conference 2017, Florian Lichtwald, VP, Global Telecom Partnership and Operations, Zeotap, APAC, threw light on how deterministic data in mobile changes everything.  Zeotap is a data platform, which makes large-scale, deterministic data assets easily available in digital advertising and other industries using privacy-by-design technology.

Lichtwald spoke on India’s potential in the digital world. “If you look at share of browsing, mobile is reaching 78 per cent today. Time spent weekly on mobile is seven times TV and radio. It’s safe to say India is a truly mobile digital market today,” he said. He shared that it’s forecasted that the number of mobile smartphone users in India is supposed to reach 680 million. From 2013 to 2020, the number will grow 10 times. He also talked about some data which provides special possibilities for advertisers. As he said, “Digital and Data are the Yin and Yang of advertising.”

He added, “People spend 25 per cent of their time on Google and Facebook, these players manage to use data in such a clever way that they have captured 60 per cent of market share. So it’s safe to say data is the new oil today.” With that Lichtwald added more value to data’s function.

However he was quick to advice to take caution of the available data as it’s not always as credible as it always seems. As an example he presented some US figures from Nielson, saying, “(In) 72 per cent of the impressions, no age data is available. If you look at 60 per cent of the remaining, 28 per cent of the data is false. If you look at males aged between 18, he average reach is only 17 per cent.”

The Zeotap VP went on to mention about how the idea of Zeotap came from John D. Rockefeller, founder of the Standard Oil Company. He explained how this data platform works, adding, “We make targeting data-high quality accessible to everyone. We extract the data from very high quality sources. We combine it with actionable superior quality data segments. Throughout the process we are the ones who use security and privacy standards to protect the data and make it trustworthy for our partners to work with.” He went on to talk about distribution where Zeotap uses DSP Integrations managed campaigns and custom interfaces.

Lichtwald also talked about Zeotap’s global footprints which includes Spain, Italy, the US and India. He said, “In India we venture with two operators, which later we combine and make it susceptible/ accessible.” The two operators are Vodafone and Aircel. He mentioned that Vodafone is giving them access to valuable data, which they are taking quite seriously.

Lichtwald mentioned that you can use their data sets for targeting. But there are more specifics to it, “There’s demographic data, for example age and gender amongst others. Then there’s income, which is based on the matter you spend on the content. There’s location and browsing. We make interest sentiments. Now as brands and agencies you can find real audience who are interested in your products. There’s usage definition through which we can analyse how much time users spend on their phone and how much they have been texting. This will help narrow down their targeting. Then there’s roaming, again very specific use case of operator data.” He said he believes this is what creates difference to advertisers.

Zeotap ran tests with 20 brands to see how precise their data was. “Our on target reach was 85-93 per cent. So now you can really reach the right audience.” With that Lichtwald expressed his wish to work with brands and agencies in India together.

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