Decoding the OTT targeting capabilities

By advertising on ZEE5, brands can reach the right audience, through precise targeting & segmentation capabilities via Infonomix

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Published: Nov 10, 2020 7:22 PM  | 2 min read

In an advertising campaign, identifying the target audience is crucial. With the rise in OTT advertising, the high impact, brand storytelling power of the linear TV is now being seamlessly integrated with the targeting, analytics and interactivity of digital media. Since OTT content is delivered over the internet, advertisers can target and serve ads to specific viewers and audience groups, resulting in greater efficiency and less waste.

While demographic and geographic targeting continues to be a mainstay, OTT platforms like ZEE5 are now enabling more evolved targeting possibilities for an advertiser. By advertising on ZEE5, brands can reach the right audience, through precise targeting & segmentation capabilities via Infonomix. Infonomix will give brands the power to reach the right audience in the most effective way, and also help them with action-led campaign planning using the key parameters of targeting that include a range of possibilities:

Behavioural targeting

Behavioural targeting helps identify an audience based on relevant interests and online browsing behaviour. This targeting solution allows advertisers to target audience with scalable accuracy and care.

Contextual targeting

Contextual targeting enables brands to target audiences that are consuming media contextually relevant to the advertiser’s campaign. With this form of targeting, brands can reach ‘the right audience at the right time.’

Geographic targeting

Geographic targeting serves ads based on the user’s location to create greater advertising accuracy, increase ROI, and minimise wasted impressions. Geographic targeting lets advertiser increase the local relevancy of their brand and the effectiveness of their ads.

Appographic targeting

Apprographic targeting helps advertisers reach audiences based on their unique app interests. Appographic data goes beyond app ownership and allows advertisers to target unique appographic segments based on app interests.

The ZEE5 Audience

Advertisers on ZEE5 can choose from multiple audience cohorts or create custom audience segments basis their business objectives. With ZEE5, brands can also reach incremental users through targeting those who are TV cord cutters and consider ZEE5 to be their primary source of entertainment. As per ZEE5 usage data, 21% of ZEE5 viewers do not watch Television, 36% of all viewers watch only light content on linear TV, and 17% viewers prefer ZEE5 over YouTube.


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