Comscore report: India 2nd largest online news consuming nation in the world

Findings by Comscore reiterate India’s love for news even in the online world, Aaj Tak tops Hindi news consumption and DailyHunt is the leading news aggregator, Network18 tops video news category

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Updated: Dec 6, 2019 11:36 AM



According to Comscore’s latest report titled ‘Trends in Online News Consumption’, the data reveals that the consumption of online news in India is growing and we are now the second-largest online news consuming nation in the world with 282 mn unique visitors (UVs).

China tops the charts with 617 mn UVs. The US with 242mn UVs is the 3rd largest consumer followed by Brazil and Indonesia.

Of the top online categories by reach in India, 96 percent is news/information, social media, and entertainment at 95 percent, retail at 94 percent and financial services at 84.7 percent.

Within the online news category, a break up of what is the most preferred content shows General News at the number one spot with 273 mn UVs, Business, Finance 136 mn UVs, Technology at 118 mn UVs and Weather at 42 mn UVs.

Unlike its global counterparts, the average time spent by Indians on news sites is less. The report states that the average minutes spent by a visitor on news sites in India are 191 compared to 293 worldwide. Finland lands the top spot with 667 minutes.

With the mobile taking center stage as the medium for maximum online consumption by users, Comscore reports that in India 90 percent of the users consume news on their mobile phones.

Further, the Indian online consumer is attracted by the mobile web but its engagement on apps is higher. The mobile web saw 263 mn UV’s while the mobile apps attracted 176 mn UV’s. However, engagement on the mobile web was 15 bn minutes compared to the 33 mn minutes spent on mobile apps.

Hindi is the language that online news is consumed in most with 192mn UV’s, Marathi follows with 32mn Malayalam is a close third with 31mn UV’s

News aggregators reach for online news consumption is on the rise, attracting 56 percent of news viewers. The report states that the reach of aggregators is increasing by a staggering 187 percent in a year. Dailyhunt is the clear leader amongst news aggregators with 43 percent reach in comparison to the number two news aggregator Flipboard has only 6 percent reach,  Newspoint has 5 percent, Google News 3 percent reach, Inshorts 2 percent and UC News only 1 percent. Not surprisingly, the report states that Video is a catalyst in news content consumption.

Reach of Top 5 Video players in the news category saw exponential annual growth. The top 5 are Network 18, India Today Group, ABP News Network, Times Internet Limited, and Zee Digital.

YouTube continues to be the preferred partner for growth in news video.

The key takeaways mentioned in the report are:

-News is here to stay, although the formats will keep evolving

-Partnerships are the cornerstone of News discovery and growth.

-Video on Mobile is witnessing the ever-increasing engagement.

-As Internet access becomes more and more inclusive, Vernacular News and content will continue to explode.

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