Brands creating customer pull with TVCs on YouTube

According to experts, releasing TVCs on YouTube helps brands gain visibility that is quantifiable and creates a multiplier effect

e4m by Priyanka Nair
Updated: May 16, 2013 9:06 PM
Brands creating customer pull with TVCs on YouTube

YouTube today has fundamentally changed the way users look at video content. From home videos uploaded by ordinary people to dedicated, and now paid, channels, YouTube has become an engaging medium. Brands are not lagging behind in leveraging YouTube as part of their media mix.

One can recall a recent TVC by Bournvita that went up on YouTube, ‘Bournvita Aadatein’, which garnered close to 500,000 hits within 10 days of its release on the video networking site. Commenting on the digital campaign initiative, Narayan Sundararaman, Category Director - Beverages, Candy & Gum, Director - Consumer Insights and Strategy, Mondelez International said, “Modern day mothers want to prepare their children for life’s challenges ahead by being a part of the growth journey. Most of these mothers are active on social media platforms. Hence, while launching our new TVC ‘Aadatein’, we wanted to make the most of the digital space.”

So, how can brands get their strategy right on YouTube?

Thank ‘Big Data’
Earlier, marketers sought to identify their target consumers and then would spend millions to catch that particular TG at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message.

In the digital age, a marketer can identify a target market with just a click. There are several options available today in the form of banner ads, online videos and social media activities. Consumer profiling can be developed with a lot more specifications, all thanks to big data. Many brands today are leveraging video platforms such YouTube to pull consumer attention.

According Litin Purohit, Partner, Everymedia, “Big data can help brands know their consumer way better, but as marketers the primary goal should be to customise messages. No one would really want to see the same communication across multiple screens. Brands need to buckle up and move towards tailoring brand messages.”

‘Play’ smart
Navin Kansal, Executive Creative Director, Grey Worldwide, noted that when a brand uses a video platform like YouTube for releasing its television ad, it gets one more touchpoint for creating visibility that is quantifiable. “It doesn’t hurt, but brands don’t stand to gain big either if they use it merely as a dissemination channel. If brands make digital as a thought multiplier rather than just a creative multiplier, they will reap the benefits,” Kansal added.

Having said this, it will be essential for brands to understand the potential of video content and thereby, increase visibility of their communication thought. Brands are getting their due even if they are merely replicating the content. Brands need to watch out for consumer pull rather than pushing their message.

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