ACT Fibernet ties up with OTT players to be the one stop shop internet solution for consumers

The primary reason that led to growth of OTT is the constant improvement of internet speed and service across the country: Sandeep Gupta, ACT Fibernet

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Updated: Nov 22, 2017 12:00 AM

With OTT becoming the new in-thing, there is a need and demand for the broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider) to be more efficient and deliver the best. ACT Fibernet tied up with OTT players like Yupp TV, Hooq TV and Fast Filmz in order to be the one stop shop for their consumers. Not just for internet but content too. Sandeep Gupta, COO, ACT Fibernet, spoke exclusively to exchange4media about these tie ups. He also talks about the burgeoning industry of OTT and the reason behind its tremendous growth in India.


How is ACT Fibernet bringing wholesome entertainment experience for customers with the ACT Entertainment plan?

ACT Fibernet is India’s largest fiber broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider) delivering incredible speeds and reliable service to its customers. We are known to provide high speed internet and have launched products such as Giga speeds internet services.

Our aim is to delight the customer every day by enabling an incredible internet experience. In this regard, we have partnered with multiple content providers such as Hooq TV, Yupp TV and Fast Flimz. We have also launched what we believe is a unique plan - ACT Entertainment in Bangalore. This is a relatively new concept in the Indian broadband industry where an ISP (Internet Service Provider) provider has introduced a curated entertainment package for the customers that will offer a bundle of Value Added Services (VAS) combined in one single plan.

Could you share more details about ACT Fibernet’s partnership with OTT (Over the top content) players like Yupp TV, Hooq TV, Fast Flimz?

Video streaming and watching live TV via internet has exploded across the country and the same is the case with our users. Understanding our consumer behaviour, we believe that there is an opportunity to bring a package that will meet both their broadband and entertainment needs all in one platform and at an attractive cost. We therefore collaborated with Yupp TV, Hooq TV, FastFilmz to offer our customers a large selection of English, Hindi and regional cinema, Hollywood and exclusive regional TV shows and live TV channels on a high-speed package of 75 Mbps speed and 160 GB FUP limit combined in one plan.

Furthermore, if the customers were to subscribe to each of these packages individually they would have had to pay Rs. 229. In this plan, customers will not have to choose any of these services individually. Or pay an extra amount of Rs. 229 each per month. An interested customer just needs to register only once for the plan through the company’s website, app or call centre and access unlimited entertainment content from our content partners without incurring extra charges.

How is the company planning to leverage these partnerships?

There are different consumer segments with differing internet usage behaviour and needs. There is clearly a segment emerging that prefers to get its need for entertainment satisfied via online streaming channels. Our intent is to reach to this segment of consumers with the help of our premium content partners such as Hooq, Yupp TV and Fastfilmz and provide a one stop shop solution. We will continue to work with our premium partners to bring latest popular, in-demand and exclusive content to our customers.

What are the differentiators for ACT Fibernet since it’s in a platform with competition?

ACT Fibernet is focussed on delighting our customers and ensuring that they have an incredible internet experience. We will continue to stay focused to provide exceptional speeds, service and value-added services to our customers and constantly improve on the same.

What is your marketing strategy?

We will reach out to current customers for a potential upgrade into this plan and to new customers to sign up into this plan using our regular channels of print and digital. We will also leverage our partner channels to get the message across to a broader set of audience.

How is the OTT (Over the top content) industry looking in India?

The OTT (Over-The-Top) space in India is growing tremendously and one of the primary reasons that led to this growth is the constant improvement of internet speed and service across the country. We have seen the growth in consumption of video content among our own customers and we are keen to partner with content providers and creators to give value to our customers.

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