Sanjay Mehta's weekends are the perfect blend of productivity and fun

The Jt. CEO of Mirum devours fluffy idlis, sleeps away the stress, watches movies and cools down over coffee on weekends

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Sep 4, 2017 4:31 PM

Imagine a day in the life of a Joint CEO of a global digital agency and you will be able to picture gazillion pressures and the mammoth task of keeping competition at bay while you’re at it. Sanjay Mehta, Jt. CEO at Mirum, leads a similar life but he ensures that there are no dull moments during his weekends. Mehta’s weekends are packed with interesting activities, which are a blend of productivity and fun. 


An average weekday in the CEO’s life is about internal and outdoor meetings, conference calls, tons of emails, morning workouts (gym or squash,) listening to podcasts and dinner with family. However, he makes sure his weekends are dedicated to recharging and family bonding. “They are generally two busy days,” he admits. 


Mehta tells us that his Saturdays are about reviewing investments and portfolios, bank visits and meeting financial planners. “On many Saturday mornings, I'm likely to be at a coffee shop meeting people who are looking for business guidance, mentoring entrepreneurs, among other things,” adds Mehta. He also likes to catch up on some sleep if the week has been particularly draining. 


Saturday evenings are reserved for friends, conversations, drinking, good food and revelry that goes into the late hours of the night. He says that with all this, a few hours of catching up on work are snuck in too. Mehta travels a fair bit and loves it completely. “This year, I have been to the US three times and have also been to Vietnam, Shimla, Dharamsala-Dalhousie besides frequent trips to Delhi,” he shares. 


Mehta confesses about being a huge movie buff. “If there is an interesting movie (or two or three,) I typically find the time to watch it. Or else there is Netflix and Amazon Prime to the rescue,” he says. He admits to watching multiple movies in a single day. If not movies, he loves to unwind by going on long drives, family outings, attending theatre or music programs and dining out. 


Sundays means tantalizing his taste buds with fluffy idlis, taking the liberty to indulge on drool-worthy waffles with syrup and gorging on similar sinful delicacies. When we ask him about his favourite hangout spot, Mehta says that he is a Starbucks person. He loves an Iced Caramel Macchiato over interesting conversations. “Due to a diet program that I am following, I try my best to avoid coffee. It’s about green tea these days,” he discloses as we marvel over the way he manages work and play. 


We wish Mehta many more fun-filled weekends and may he never run out of movies to watch.

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