I love lazy vacations over adventurous ones: Nisha Narayanan, COO, RED FM

Weekends for Narayanan are about spending time with her dog, driving down to a hill-station in discovery of solace, satiating her foodie impulse and more

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Updated: Mar 3, 2018 8:58 AM

For an industry that never sleeps, the adventures and fast-paced work-life of those working in the radio industry can well be imagined. Probably that's the reason why Nisha Narayanan COO & Director, RED FM & Redtro tell us, " I particularly don’t seek adventure because I think my professional life is fairly adventurous."  
Weekends for Narayanan are about spending time with her dog, driving down to a hill-station in discovery of solace, satiating her foodie impulse and more.When we asked her about how she balances her professional and personal life, she said "You can never balance out your professional and personal life, it’s a one-way thing. If you want to excel in your professional life, then you have to keep your work above all, and for that you need to have a strong family support and I am blessed to have such family."
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Your idea of me time..
Firstly, there is very little time that I get, because I work in an industry which is always alive. But in the given time, I love to spend it with my dog Whiskey, and of course listening to music. Not the music which we play at Red FM, but my kind of music that is English Country music and Rock N Roll of the 60’s and 70’s.

On a typical weekend you will find me..
On any long weekend I love to probably drive down to a hill station whether its Dehradun, Bheemtaal or Naukuchiyataal. So the good part about Delhi unlike any other metro cities is, Delhi has beautiful hill stations around which are very easy to go. Once you reach there, it is quiet and nice.

One vice I cannot do without..
I am a foodie. I don’t know if it’s a vice (laughs).
I often joke that everyone at Red FM is a foodie. In fact we hire only foodies. Speak to anyone in the team, they’ll tell you about the famous cuisines, not just from the heart of Delhi, but also from the corners of country.
I love eating and I love interesting food, because I think food and trying different cuisines doesn't just bring joy but it also brings culture along with it. So when you go to Rajasthan or Patna, the variety in the local food you get, whether it is Lithi Chokha or Gathe ki sabzi, I think all of it has a science behind it; has a reason behind it. Any nutritionist would tell you about the history behind why certain kinds of food is available at certain places. I personally find that very fascinating and I’ve been a foodie pretty much all my life.

I confess, I am a...
Task master. I need everything fast. If you’ll ask anybody in the team they will tell you that once I get the idea, I need everything done. I work with speed and action in relation to my work’s thought processes.

The last show I binged watch on..
I am not Netflix kind of a person. Not really hooked on to any series.

I love a staycation/adventure
I particularly don’t seek adventure because I think my professional life is fairly adventurous. We take a lot of risks as a brand. I do believe that we should not just be a radio brand. So that’s why we do a lot of other stuff. So there’s a lot of action that happens day in and day out. That's the reason why my vacations are preferably more peaceful, quieter and lazy.

A skill/hobby I want to learn this year..
I have learnt music. As a child, coming from a South-Indian family, we grew up learning dance, Bharatnatyam, classical music, in which I have had years of training. Therefore art, culture, painting, music, dance forms are very close to me.
What I have not been able to learn is to play an instrument. So I would love to learn to play the violin. Also, I would like to start a fitness regime, because I think as leaders or people who manage businesses, we need to be fitter. I also love hand-loom items; I love sarees, I love to motivate people to wear sarees. I think it is a very beautiful garment. So if I could understand more about the textiles and fabric as a hobby, just so I can understand how things are done in that world of business, which is completely different from media.

Your next vacation/adventure will be..
I would love to go Masai Mara. I love animals and I love lazy holidays. I also love the wildlife. I’ve traveled many times into wildlife sanctuaries, but I’ve not been to Masai Mara

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