Microsoft is rumoured to be announcing the launch of its new tablet series in India - a market where it hasn't been able to make much headway into and where it has a little over 2% market share

Manasa Mantha 10-March-2014

In the three-way war of technologies between Apple, Google & Microsoft, Apple swings votes in its favour for round one with its latest offering - CarPlay

Manasa Mantha 05-March-2014

Digital marketing, gamification and in-film product placements emerge as top trends in film marketing in 2014

Manasa Mantha 05-March-2014

If your advertising is not to be trusted and begins to become something that turns the consumer off, you will never build brands in the future, says the MD of P&G

Manasa Mantha 20-February-2014

Kejriwal seems to be following the route of 'any publicity is good publicity' - be it his swearing-in at the Ramlila Grounds or his recent 'Dharna', he sure knows how to play to the gallery

Manasa Mantha 04-February-2014

The best radio programmes are those where you not just hear, but also see the commentator. I take it a step forward and say that don't just see them, but stretch your hand out & shake hands with them, says Sayani

Manasa Mantha 03-February-2014

If one compares the dynamics of films in India with the rest of the world, Indian film marketers come off as formulaic approach-oriented, who shy away from experimenting like their Western counterparts

Manasa Mantha 24-January-2014

From merchandise & tech products to collector dolls, accessories & new product launches, 'Dhoom 3' has managed to create a huge branding community for itself

Manasa Mantha 08-January-2014

Aggressive foray into social media, extensive contact activities through public rallies, merchandise, and even tea stalls have helped Narendra Modi increase his support base across the country

Manasa Mantha 06-January-2014

Airlines in India can learn several valuable lessons in making flights memorable & gaining a loyal clientele from the simple yet powerful marketing strategies of WestJet Airlines & Air Berlin

Manasa Mantha 01-January-2014

Newspapers today are taking their social service role to a whole new level. However, the question is if such a move can make any headway in bringing in a more transparent & supportive environment

Manasa Mantha 30-December-2013

Brands such as Revlon, Maybelline, Lakmé & L'Oreal have taken to digital media in a big way to increase connect with 'women of today' and also create experiences

Manasa Mantha 27-December-2013

Renowned marketing strategy expert Prof Niraj Dawar emphasises on 'tilting' or moving away from 'product-centric' functioning to 'customer-centric' functioning for better results

Manasa Mantha 20-December-2013

Focusing on the importance on being effective leaders & responsible citizens, the Union Minister of Law carved a new definition of the real India @IMPACT Person of the Year 2013

Manasa Mantha 09-December-2013