Gopinath Menon, CEO, Melon Media strongly condemns the 'making mountains out of molehills' approach he perceives on Indian news channels

Gopinath Menon 18-July-2014

As two cricketing icons - Sachin Tendulkar & Rahul Dravid - bid adieu, Gopinath Menon, CEO, Melon Media compares their contrasting styles, on and off the field

Gopinath Menon 18-October-2013

Gopinath Menon, CEO, Melon Media feels that debates on news channels today have been reduced to the frivolity of cock fights in Pakistan, with much posturing & no sane conclusions

Gopinath Menon 11-October-2013

Gopinath Menon of Melon Media shares his apprehension for the fourth estate as many corporates enter the media space

Gopinath Menon 31-May-2012

TRAI ad cap directly affects $4 billion of media investments; it’s a serious issue for the advertising and marketing industry, says Gopinath Menon of Melon Media

Gopinath Menon 22-May-2012

Gopinath Menon, CEO, Melon Media, recalls the time he had spent with Tiger Pataudi at Anandabazar Group and recounts some lesser known aspects of India’s former cricket captain, who passed away on September 22, 2011.

Gopinath Menon 26-September-2011

In this Column, strategic media consultant Gopinath Menon relooks at a sacred term called GRP and questions its logic in a market like India. Menon further says that time has come for sane planners and clients to move on from being a routine media planner to a media shaper for markets.

Gopinath Menon 16-September-2010

Over a thousand crores are spent every year on the idiot box alone in promoting and sustaining market shares for many brands. According to strategic media consultant Gopinath Menon, more than half the investments are not put to good use as they do not connect with the consumer in any way. He admits it is not a polite statement to make as it involves the mental faculties of many specialists, whose job is to ensure success in the market place.

Gopinath Menon 03-September-2010