WPP STREAM Jaipur 2020

How does an event that completely develops out of attendee participation work?

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Updated: Mar 11, 2020 5:03 PM
WPP Stream

How does an event that completely develops out of attendee participation work?

Stream remains somewhat of a puzzle. It has structure, yet it is completely fluid. Anyone new to Stream struggles to understand the idea of an “(un)conference”. Yet it is the best case study for the power of diversity at work. 

Stream is designed to be the antidote to the formally programmed conference and is attended by nearly 300 clients, partners, media owners, start-ups, VCs, WPP agencies among others who discuss, debate and share insights and experiences.

Some of those who attended Stream 2020 at Jaipur share their experiences of the “(Un) Conference”. (This year, 70% of Streamers were first-timers.)

Girish Kalyanaraman, Head – Marketing Operations, Indian Sub-Continent, P&G
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the event and found the discussions very enlightening and thought provoking. The discussion around understanding the consumer deeply and communicating with them in the language they are most comfortable speaking, was a mind opening one, pointing to so much opportunity to unlock consumer value. I also managed to connect with leaders from so many start-ups, content developers, social media marketeers and industry thought leaders and hope to be able to pilot some new innovative ideas via these connections.

Rachit Uppal – Industry Head (South Asia), Twitter
Participating in WPP Stream was a unique immersive experience. What I liked the most was their unconventional conference format, which was discussion-led and supplemented by workshops and activities. The discussion-led format was very conversational and engaging. It gave industry leaders a unique space to share their ideas and thoughts on things that they are passionate about - something that was deeply relevant for Twitter as well, as Twitter is a platform that encourages live conversations about what you're passionate about. I personally led a discussion revisiting the key defining moments of the past decade, and it was great to hear back from industry peers on hot topics like sustainability, climate change, equality and AI. These are familiar topics, that are always-on conversations on Twitter. We are happy to support WPP Stream as it is a one-of-a-kind fest for marketers and provides a great opportunity to meet and discuss topics that matter the most.

Arzan Khambata, Sculptor/Architect
This was my fifth year at Stream, and every year there’s something new to learn and take back from the two-day interactions. This year, ‘Sustainability’ being the theme, every aspect of the stay to the workshops were curated around it, without it being in the face. Inviting the NGO children to gain experience from the art workshop was a classic welcome step, in giving something back to the society. The joy on their faces and they’re not wanting to leave showed how much they loved the session and the Stream environment.
The highlight of Stream for me has always been its participants. Coming from various walks of life, from different fields, from different backgrounds, but here at the un-conference, they are all equals, on one plateau called Stream. The unique, relaxed, motivated and unconventional choreography of Stream is what pulls me back here every year. A clear case of “You can take me out of Stream, but you can’t take Stream out from me.”

Vasuta Agarwal, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, InMobi
Stream to me represents Diversity. Stream 2020 was a heady mix of fun, learning and networking with colleagues, peers and friends from various backgrounds and industries. Be it discussions on “Can marketers save the planet” or “The Happiness Quotient”, workshops on the GenZ influencer community, or the talent shows. Stream also introduced me to unique experiences like the Cookout, the Vidyadhar Bagh visit and the Women Leadership gatherings. But, more importantly, Stream kicked off a great thread among industry leaders about sustainability at our workplaces, in our personal lives and in society. Always look forward to this unique and diverse ‘Unconference’ every year.

Prachi Mohapatra, Chief Marketing Officer, fbb, Future Group
My first experience of a fluid unconference was Stream 2020. What caught my attention was the easy-going spirit of the event. I was part of groups wherein I could contribute or was looking forward to being enriched. Two days at Stream was an immersive experience on sustainability. The journey from ‘what can be done’ to ‘what has been done’ was clear. This sets the ball rolling for most of us to take back to step up our focus within our business. I went with an open mind to absorb and make a difference. I am glad I could make my time worthwhile by doing so. From ‘next steps’ in various upcoming trends to meeting young influencers to experiencing the complexities of human mind to flying a kite. The meet is one ride I would look forward to being a part of again.

Rajat Uppal, National Marketing Head, 93.5 RED FM
The two days at Stream 2020 in Jaipur were simply fun because one ended up spending quality time with the brightest minds from the industry in a setup which is casual and invited meaningful conversations. With digital being in the driver’s seat, it’s important for marketers to know the medium well. The workshops and conversations on influencer and social media marketing were insightful and surely added new knowledge to my existing knowhow and perceptions about the medium. I look forward to the next edition of WPP Stream.

Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer, ShareChat
What differentiates Stream from any other business gathering is the unconventional way of knowledge sharing. I was really impressed with the informal way of conducting debates, sessions and workshops that paves the way to the future of advertising. It was encouraging to hear brands and agencies alike acknowledging the first time internet users coming online and discussing opportunities to engage with these regional first audiences.

Priyanka Khaneja Gandhi, Associate Director - Integrated Marketing Communications & E-commerce Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive 
Stream presented an interesting showcase of perspectives on how corporates and key decision makers are powering sustainability across different industries to make a real difference to the lives of people and the planet. For me, it also reiterated the encouraging facts of how we at Colgate have been continuously engaged in our long running efforts to raise the Oral Care consciousness in the country and our 'Save Water' sustainability initiative among our various other impactful CSR programmes. Eventually, it is such ‘sustainable’ practices at scale’ that help to create a meaningful impact on the society.  Stream has always been a great platform for getting- insights into key trends and diverse perspectives from industry and platform experts.

 This year, some of the things that stood out for me:  

  • As practising marketers, we know of the importance of ‘word of mouth’ to build brand preference. Interesting perspectives were presented on how we could unlock the potential of the rising crop of social-media-influencers at scale, for our brands, in the most engaging yet credible manner.
  • Insights on building personalised consumer experiences with frequently used brands for a stronger and lasting consumer connection, and the power and potential of leveraging language, regional and cultural nuances for our brand communication were of immense value. These helped me refine and redefine my thinking on such work that we already do. 

 I certainly look forward to going to Stream again and getting different and new perspectives and enriching discussions with a diverse mix of creative and industry people. 

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