Will Levi’s latest #IShapeMyWorld ad help shape consumer’s opinion in its favour?

Industry experts share their viewpoints on the fifth edition of Levi’s #IShapeMyWorld campaign. The campaign features women from different walks of life who have taken charge of their own destiny

by Noel Dsouza
Published - Mar 13, 2019 9:11 AM Updated: Mar 13, 2019 9:11 AM
Levis #IShapeMyWorld Ad Campaign

Levi’s has unveiled the fifth edition of its ad campaign #IShapeMyWorld that celebrates the power of women and their determination to incite change. The new season of #IShapeMyWorld is much bolder than the previous editions. It beautifully integrates 21 prominent influencers wearing Levis jeans in a powerful music video, Fire Within Me. The ad inspires women to shape their own destiny, taps into authenticity and encourages women to embrace their individual persona. 

The film celebrates these female personalities who are revolutionists in their own unique way. They have featured women from varied industries such as entertainment, fashion, sports, journalism and social change to salute the spirit of women empowerment. Fire Within Me brings together actress Swara Bhaskar and transgender model Anjali Lama who were featured in the previous #IShapeMyWorld campaigns and new faces like Kubera Sait, Sandhya Menon and Natasha Noel to name a few. These women share common traits like breaking stereotypes, not giving in to societal pressure and following their own path. The track has been composed by singer-songwriter Anushka Shahaney along with rapper Hard Kaur.

Speaking about the insight of the ad campaign, Meeta Bharvani, Director-Marketing, Levi’s India, says that it is an attempt to celebrate women “who took their chances and beat the odds”. 

“The #IShapeMyWorld campaign is driven by the insight that in a world that still tries to restrain women from achieving their potential by fuelling insecurities about themselves; whether it is about her body or her being, there are an increasing number of stories of women who took their chances and beat the odds,” says Bharvani.
Bharvani adds, “During the past four seasons of #ISMW, we drove inspiring stories of fearless women. This season, we celebrate the power of the collective through women who are authentic, original and purposeful; all qualities that are inherent to Levi’s brand.” 

exchange4media reached out to advertising industry experts to talk about the film and find out what stood out for them in the ad, its effectiveness and if using influencers for a campaign increases consumer attraction.

According to Nakul Pingale, Executive Creative Director, Grapes Digital, the campaign is a “spark”.

“Employing a musical route to make a statement can never go wrong. So, when you have such a route combined with key women influencers and a huge brand like Levi’s, you could certainly expect the initiative to be a sure shot spark. And, a spark it is!,” says Pingale.  

“Right from the stirring lyrics to the tasteful treatment, this film is uplifting. The message syncs with this year’s IWD theme. What lends credence to this film is the involvement of the influencers. Each of them shines along with the brand. Relatability and brand recall value achieved instantaneously,” he adds.

Jagdeep Kapoor, Chairman & Managing Director, Samsika Marketing Consultants, too feels that the ad has been sculpted well.

“Brands today know that their consumers will respond if they take up a social stand. The brands' message at the end of the song stated, ‘Dedicated to all those women who have shaped their world.  The ad recall was clearly about one word- Shape. It had many positive meanings and the ad was sculpted well. Influencers do indeed influence,” explained Kapoor.

Gulshan Singh, Executive Planning Director at FCB Interface, shares it was the “raw energy in the execution of the ad” that stood out for him creatively.

“I loved the raw energy in the execution. It felt like it wasn’t just the story of the women in the video, but represented the challenges that all women face, at some level, in shaping their world.”

“But was the ad effective? If you’re looking for the sales graph to start zooming tomorrow, it’s unlikely. But it will certainly draw attention to the cause and increase brand love and preference. In the medium-long term, this is a rich space for Levi’s to be in,” reasoned Singh. 

Many brands use social media influencers to lock in more eyeballs. Levi’s leveraged influencers to gain consumer's attention whilst putting out a powerful social message.

Singh feels that the choice of influencers is definitely going to help the brand, especially since these influencers are much more relatable than big celebs.

“Extremely relevant message delivered powerfully and excellent use of the medium. Kudos to Levis,” adds Singh. 

According to N Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, Using real women achievers in the ad works well for the theme. “It makes the ad more relatable to the target audience, which in this case is women across all ages,” he says. 

He, however, points out certain aspects that could have been done better.

“While the advertisement starts very well, when you realise that all characters have the same voice, the realness diminishes,” adds Chandramouli. 


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