WATCH: ‘With digital, growth of content marketing has accelerated’: Kranti Gada

Kranti Gada, Chief Operating Officer at Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. speaks on how the digital platform has led to the rapid growth in content marketing

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Sep 26, 2018 8:54 AM Updated: Sep 26, 2018 8:54 AM

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Good quality content is key to customer acquisition, thereby driving sales and RoI for a brand. Content marketing is the heart of most successful campaigns, and more so digital these days. Every prosperous brand has a relevant and valuable story to narrate that immediately connects with the brand’s audience.

Kranti Gada, Chief Operating Officer at Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. speaks on how the digital platform has led to the rapid growth in content marketing. Kranti further explained as to how with the use of digital, it beomes easier for brands to segment their target audience and accordingly customise content format.

According to her, a meaningful story for consumers not only enables them to become a part of the brand’s media but also helps drive RoI for that particular brand.

She shared her insights on content marketing with exchang4media, noting that a content strategy is critical to brands in the current ecosystem.

Edited Excerpts:

What according to you are the key aspects of a good content marketing strategy?

The best content marketing strategy is that it should not look like marketing. It should be an integral piece of the content conveying a meaningful story and a significant proposition to the consumer, attracting users' attention naturally. If content marketing can achieve its relevance with consumers without actually having the need to sell the idea to users, a larger purpose will be served. Good content marketing fulfills the real need of either being entertained or informed with the product being weaved in colourlessly into the entire story.

Content marketing can help reduce your overall marketing costs. Do you agree?

Marketing has 2 aspects, one being what is spent on creative and the other talks about the expenditure on media. In the investment proportions probably 10 per cent is invested in creative while the other 90 per cent is on media. If the creative content in itself is of high quality, then its effectiveness in delivery on the same media plan is massive. Similarly, in content marketing if the content has turned out to be really good, then your consumer himself will turn out to be your media thereby driving RoI. It is crucial to understand, the multiplier effect a good content piece can provide us with in order to leverage and maximise the impact on media. The advantage of content marketing also lies in its format, wherein one has the freedom to build ads and ideas longer than 30 second creatives.

How do you see the transition of branded content or content marketing from what it was 5 years ago to what it is now?

Digital as a platform has really evolved in the last 5 years. Content marketing before this was largely distributed to either television or the radio medium. Now, with digital providing a wider reach, one can easily segment the target audience and customise campaign content accordingly. Digital with time, will provide us with even bigger a platform to innovate and creatively perform story telling for the advertisers.

Is traditional content marketing being left out in the Digital push?

Even today, the impact of traditional media is huge for digital to effect it in a big way. Having said that, the advantages of digital media in terms of targeting and innovation are way higher. Traditional media on the other hand is infact catching up by producing several innovative ad formats. Digital cannot match the reach and noticeability that traditional media can provide.

Not only TV but also the resurgence of print along with the impact of outdoors, traditional media has been thoroughly impactful. Even digital media today is making use of outdoors to create an influencer effect, as beyond a point there’s also a blindspot in digital. While digital forcing traditional media to be innovative, I think it still has a place of its own.


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