To build a brand you must be ready to try new things: Shah Rukh Khan

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is one of the highest selling brands in India and worldwide. He shares his thoughts about keeping his brand relevant for 30 years.

e4m by Naziya Alvi Rahman
Updated: Oct 6, 2017 8:44 AM

He is a million dollar name in the advertising world. He is Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood. The superstar is set to host soon-to-be-launched TED Talks show in India on Star Plus. exchange4media caught up with the actor for a brief interview at the launch of the event.


How have you managed to keep the brand Shah Rukh Khan relevant and growing for 30 years in the industry?
I think the only relevance I can tell you about building the brand is if you are ready to try new things, if you are ready to fail, if you are ready to venture into unknown territories where some will go wrong, some will go right and some will help you build your brand. Because it will make it more edgy, new and innovative. I am ready to try new stuff given the platform that as an actor I created. I go for the best and leave it genuinely to the experts and take their word for it.

What advice would you give to a brand consultant if they approach you for some?
It is sweet of you to suggest so. I am fortunate enough because of the kind of work I have been related to; for example, big brands like TED Talks and Star Plus have given me this opportunity. As I have said before, the only reason that keeps me relevant is that I am happy to try something new.

Tell us something about your association with TED Talks.
It is a huge honour to host this show. When two giants like Star India and TED come together we're sure to fire up a billion imaginations. Bringing the power of ideas to living rooms across India and reaching out to especially the youth of our country, is really exciting. I want our youth to be inspired to think new ideas—simple and unique ideas that pack a punch, ideas that can change lives.

Did any idea that came to you first later became a super success?
Internet was my idea (laughs). On a serious note, my mind is always full of ideas. Sometimes I feel I fail to express it as well as I should have. Sometimes I see my idea being used by someone else and becoming successful while I was still thinking over it. This really disturbs me.

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