Stories of Strength celebrates women who dared to follow their dreams: FCB Ulka

The FCB Ulka creative team gives us insight into the ad campaign by Women’s Horlicks that showcases three strong women icons who have broken stereotypes whilst celebrating their path-breaking careers

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Updated: Mar 27, 2019 8:22 AM
Horlicks Stories of Strength Ad Campaign

Women are often known to be the strong backbone that helps the family run smoothly, but for the price of neglecting their own health and wellbeing. Stories of brave legends who are often men are highlighted in mainstream media whereas women representation is lacking. This is the harsh reality. The latest digital ad campaign, ‘Stories of Strength’ by the brand Women’s Horlicks was creatively conceptualised by the ad agency FCB Ulka. It breaks the stereotypical ideology that women are not strong enough. The ad campaign's goal is to encourage women to recognise and invest their time to gain physical strength. 

The digital ad campaign aims to celebrate women who have been strong enough to fight for their unconventional dreams and proved to the universe that they are not just strong mentally but poses physical strength as well. The campaign also touches on the topic of bone health and how important it is especially in a country like India where women are at risk of low bone mental density (BMD) which often leads to osteoporosis. The brand urges women to take care of their bone health. 

The three ad films created for this ad campaign add depth to the ‘Stand Strong’ narrative, the brand collaborated with Dr Seema Rao, India’s first women commando trainer, naturalist Ratna Singh and India’s first woman Dhaki player. All these three women have gone through grave trails to be in the career path they are into today. Women’s Horlicks with their brand message ‘Stay Strong’ encouraged consumers to write their own stories of strength and shape their own destiny. 

exchange4media conversed with the creative team who were instrumental in bringing this ad to the screen. The ad campaign was led by both mainline and digital, From mainline it was Anusheela Saha, Group Creative Director, Delhi, FCB Ulka and digital was led by Gayatri Sriram, Digital Creative Head, Delhi, FCB Ulka. 

The Insight, brief and the message you wanted the consumers to take away from the ad campaign
Indian Women have always been known for their emotional strength. We usually consider our mothers to be the strongest for being the backbone of the family but rarely do we acknowledge them for their physical strength. As a brand that stands for bone strength, we wanted to change the conversation and break this very notion. ‘Stories of Strength’ is an outcome of that. It stands for and celebrates women who dared to follow their unconventional dreams and showed the world that they are not just mentally but physically strong too.

The challenge you faced while producing all the three ad films 
Shooting three women so different from one another, coming from completely different social backgrounds can never be easy. We had to be sure as to how we nuance each of the stories and then plan the shoot accordingly. Then every shot and detailing was planned as per the location or the terrain. For example, Ratna Singh’s film was shot in the forests of Kanha, which was completely different from Uma Das’s village or Seema Rao’s training camp. We had to be thorough with the detailing and be sure how we plan the shoot.

Has this ad campaign been integrated? If yes, How so? 
This is an out and out digital campaign.

Social vs. Functional approach of a brand
This piece of work was very deeply ingrained in reality. The women wore what they wear regularly, spoke from their hearts without the aid of any pre-written script, and the location were places they picked based on their comfort. In a functional approach, there would have never been so many moving pieces.   

Where does FCB stand on a digital level? 
Our approach to digital is the same as for the rest of the agency – Ideas come first. Our digital and mainline teams are integrated to the point that briefs are cracked with ideas, the medium of whether its digital, radio, or TV only comes after that. In fact, #StoriesOfStrength was led by creatives from both mainline and digital.



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