Reporter’s Diary: From Zero to One: As we welcome 2011

The journey from zero to one might have taken 365 days, but in terms of the advertising industry and also on the personal front, the move has been monumental. Preeti Hoon muses about the transition from 2010 to 2011 and what she expects from the year ahead.

e4m by Preeti Hoon
Updated: Jan 1, 2011 7:32 AM
Reporter’s Diary: From Zero to One: As we welcome 2011

What will be the first thing that will change when we enter the New Year? No, it is not the next door neighbour’s mood on seeing you in brand new clothes, and definitely not that old irritating habit that you are trying to get rid of for so many years now. It will be the date! Digit zero in ‘2010’ will become one and I can bet you on your first mistake for the New Year – writing 2010 on the most crucial mails and realising the goof-up the moment you click on ‘Send’. Ah! I’m just being mean, ain’t I?

And no, I am not even getting close to becoming a clairvoyant here. I am just trying to relate the number 1 with the year just a few hours away.

But before I get going on that, I would like to take you back to the year that was. We saw some major people movements like Dhunji Wadia moving from JWT to Everest Brand Solutions, Mahesh Chauhan quitting Rediffusion Y&R. The year 2010 was also eventful in terms of account movements and the one that hogged the limelight the most was of Airtel’s when the brand chose to pull out its creative duties from Rediffusion Y&R to park it with JWT.

So, does that in a way give us a sneak peek into the rollercoaster ride in 2011? There are some big pitches already lined up in the very first month of January. Car manufacturer Honda is expected to see a set of agencies vying to get the creative account for its soon-to-launched small car, while some mainline shops, including biggies, won’t see eye to eye when they will put in their best of efforts to bag the Ministry of Tourism’s mammoth creative account.

Talking of accounts, well, I, too, own a neat size. It is an exhaustive account of data that comprises agencies and their people in the National Capital. And trust me, I didn't even pitch for it! To begin with, I thought of speaking to a few ad-men and ask them if they were to relate No. 1 in advertising with the year 2011, how would they do it. Naresh Gupta, National Planning Director, Cheil Worldwide, felt, “2010 was like a zero year. This is the year when the foundation for the new future was laid. 2011 is the year of action. This is the year when plans will be put to action. So, 2011 will be a very active year.” While for Pratap Suthan, who just quit Cheil Worldwide, it was more philosophical, as he said, “Personally, I am moving from a regular agency to my own conceptual agency, the 0 would be the Organisation that I am leaving behind and the 1 would be the Independent status that I am looking forward to. From a circle to a line.”

And for me, Numero Uno stands for the best. And this year, too, I’ll try and put in my best to inch towards the top spot in being not just a good professional, but most importantly, a better human being.

Have a blessed 2011.


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