PMAR 2020: Cinema delivers more impact if combined with other media: Sanjay Gaikwad

Gaikwad, Founder and MD, UFO Moviez India LTD spells out why the cinema medium can be a leverage point for advertisers

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Updated: Feb 15, 2020 12:16 PM


Sanjay Gaiwad

Yesterday, the Pitch Madison Advertising Report 2020 was released at the Taj, Santa Cruz, Mumbai.   The report tracked and analysed advertising spends of the bygone year, and projected the future growth. The objective of the report was to understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for marketers and various media print, TV, radio, OOH, Internet, and cinema.

The launch was followed by an array of intriguing sessions by marketers. One such session was that of Sanjay Gaikwad, Founder and MD, UFO Moviez India LTD as he spoke on the topic: Why Should Advertisers care about cinema?

Gaikwad started his session by saying, "TV and digital is a frequency media, and cinema, an impact media. As per IRS, cinema delivers Rs 2.2 crore admix every week. The big screen medium provides flexibility and helps brands promote according to films. Big screen also helps brands tell a story. This influences purchases."

He then went on to share that 30 per cent of the total Indian population has access to cinema screens.

"Cinema is the primary source of entertainment in our country. More than 1700 movies are released in a year. Despite that Cinema Adex is just 1 per cent", stated Gaikwad.

He pointed out that there are existing challenges in the Cinema medium: “Cinema is an expensive medium, it has a low reach, audiences are not seated during the ads and advertisers focus only during the mega releases.”

He even commented that these are the key metrics that drive sales: Brand Salience, Brand Love, Brand Consideration and Brand Recommendation.

Gaikwad remarked, "Cinema acts as a media multiplier if mixed with a multi-screen strategy. Cinema delivers much more impact if combined with other media."

He pointed out the myth that cinema, as a medium, has a low reach. However, the all-India cinema reach is 49% of the advertisers’ premium TG.

Gaikwad signed off saying: "Cinema is a better storytelling medium with longer duration ads. Unlike digital cinema, advertising does not suffer from bought views where viewers are brought to get inflated views and impressions. Digital is heavily dependent on viewers internet connectivity or viewers having certain applications installed to view ads seamlessly. Cinema does not face any lag and plays ads to a captive audience on the big screen. They don't have any ad avoidance. There are approximately 1.18 annual ad rates. If you multiply it by 32 seconds spots to 30 seconds spots by the show. That translates to 37.7 Billion potential 30-second impressions which Cinema can create for the advertisers. On a monthly basis, it translates to 725 million weekly 30 seconds impressions. If multiplied by a 1000 rupees CPT it translates to a 72 crores weekly Adex for Cinema.

“In the times to come, cinema will become an integral part of every media plan. Cinema can help brands reach respective audiences and deliver impact on brand metrics. This will drive the Cinema Adex.”

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