Ongoing wedding season has evened out the impact of demonetisation on sales: Suparna Mitra, Titan

Sonata watches has recently unveiled their latest safety watch called ACT- specially designed for women

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Published: Dec 12, 2016 8:16 AM  | 4 min read
Ongoing wedding season has evened out the impact of demonetisation on sales: Suparna Mitra, Titan

Sonata watches, from the house of Titan Company has recently unveiled their latest safety watch called ACT – App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker, specially designed for women. The brand has released a new TVC, conceptualised by Mullen Lowe Lintas which explains the hi-tech features embedded in the watch, by weaving it in a story format.


The film is set at night in a small-town bus station, the protagonists - two young female athletes travelling alone, explains to their fellow co-passengers the features of the ACT watch. They demonstrate that the safety function can be activated by pressing a button next to 8 o’clock in quick succession, which alerts their near and dear ones, using the mobile phone through an app.

Speaking about the brief given to the agency, Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer- Watches & Accessories, Titan Company Limited said, “The brief was really about reaching out to the Indian women with message of positivity and progress and not about panic, distress or anything negative. We know that the existing environment has challenges but the idea was to showcase how Sonata ACT can be an enabler in the journey of progress for millions of Indian women.”

In a chat with Mitra, she further speaks about the marketing plans of Sonata, price category, and target audience, thoughts of getting a brand ambassador to promote their latest offering, impact of demonetisation on the brand and others...


Other than the TVC, how else are you planning to promote Sonata ACT?

Other than the TVC, there is digital and also some activities on radio. It is a pan-India campaign and is aimed to target all the women. There are some states which needs translation because they are large markets, (like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu) and we need to have regional versions. 

Who is ideally the target audience for Sonata ACT watches?

From a demographic point of view, SEC B, C and age group in between 25-40 years. Also the pricing of the product has been kept very affordable to make sure that it is easily accessible.

What is the price range for Sonata ACT and places where one can buy it?

The watches have been priced between Rs.2,749 to Rs.2,999, and will be available in three variants through World of Titan stores, large format stores like Central, Pantaloons and Shopper’s Stop and authorised dealers. It will also be available online through Titan’s website.

Roughly, what will be your ad spends for the latest campaign?

We plan to run the current campaign for around 4-6 weeks, and spends are flexible. If the campaign goes viral, we may not need all the ad spends, but on the other hand, if we think, we will need support and would want to come back with a re-run, we are open to it as well.

Under which category will Sonata ACT fall into - is it a smartwatch or a safety watch?

Right now, we are not trying to categorise it, we think it is a revolutionary product and it would be in a way a smartwatch, because of the heightened technology, but again it is not a typical smartwatch. For safety also, there are certain Apps, but nobody has really cut through the barriers, so right now we are keen on making it really popular and accessible to women who need it. Categorisation is something which we are not worried about at this stage.

Will you be having any brand ambassador to promote your new offering?

No, but we did at some point consider, but then felt that it is an every woman’s product and it is a message that is universal and everyone understands it immediately.

At some point of time, you had Dhoni as the face of Sonata and last year for one ad, you even got Badshah, according to you, what is the role of an ambassador?

Brand ambassadors certainly help in cutting through the clutter and giving a face to the brand. Especially Dhoni really worked well for us because the values which he embodies totally matched with our brand and I am not talking about today’s Dhoni, but those days, he was upcoming, small town, very talented, full of attitude and that really gelled with our positioning at that point of time. Also brand ambassadors really work well for mass brands.

What has been the impact of the recent demonetisation on the sales of your products?

Initially, there was a lot of impact, but it has now kind of evened out. It is also a good wedding season across the country, so we are not seeing too much of an impact on sales. 

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