Numero Uno dares you to be who you are with the launch of DEN’IM

Denim manufacturer, Numero Uno's new campaign caters to the millennials for whom plain denim will not do anymore; explains the concept of ‘I am who I am’

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Updated: Apr 6, 2019 8:36 AM
Numero uno

The indigenously manufactured denim label, Numero Uno (NU), explains the concept of ‘I am who I am’ in their new campaign DEN’IM. What’s so special about denim is that it can become anything to anybody. The myth of denim is anchored in personal identity. That’s what ‘The Real Denim’ means. 

Numero Uno brand’s approach is to own this very core of Denim’s being, and speak to the ‘I’ in every Den’I’m wearer, the ones who own their quirks and idiosyncrasies. In fact I’M is an inseparable part of DenIM. Hence NU presents DEN I'M (Read Then I am)

Denim has always called on the ‘rebel’ spirit of youth who have dared to challenge the status quo, questioned the dogma and believed in forming their own beliefs. For the millennials, who are channeling their insecurities, for them plain denim will not do anymore. Feminist art, upcycling, scribbled embroidery: everything is now fair play with the jeans and jackets. Denims have become a canvas of self-expression. It blends with a personal character – that has been the key to denim’s success. 

Therefore, in their new campaign DENI’M, Numero Uno brings together the young spirit, who unapologetically dares to be who they are. Who aren’t afraid of the world, they are rebel, expressive, fearless and courageous.   

Asha Esther Jaikishan, Marketing Head said, “In today’s time people have started to focus on their happiness and not be bothered about society. Our DEN’IM campaign is to celebrate those who are standing up for themselves and standing apart from the crowd. We have also played with the millennial lingo for DEN’IM (Then I am) which works great for our denim brand.”

Through their campaign, they are calling out all the lionhearted souls to challenge their angst and admire their individuality. 

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