Nike does it again

The campaign, named ‘Make Every Yard Count’, was co-created with consumers through active online participation & on-ground efforts, using over 1,440 crowd-sourced action images of young Indians playing the sport

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Updated: Apr 4, 2014 9:01 AM
Nike does it again

“Yesterday was not good enough. Today is not over yet. Make every yard count” – this is the powerful thought behind the new Nike commercial, which uses over 1,440 crowd-sourced action images of young cricketers in India who love the sport. The film was co-created with consumers through an active online participation and on-ground efforts.

The Nike film is testament to the dedicated young cricketers of India, the ones who don’t let anything get in their way, no matter where they play, whether in the gully or in the stadiums. The campaign, which was launched on February 22 on Nike Cricket Facebook and Twitter, invited players across the country to send in images and also involved over 100 photographers, who travelled around the country to shoot young cricketers. The ‘Make Every Yard Count’ campaign drew over 225,000 crowd-sourced images and concluded with the launch of the digital film which is played on TV as well.

Elaborating on the campaign, Avinash Pant, Marketing Director, Nike India said, “At Nike, we understand that the cricket culture of this nation is not confined to Team India and its players. It includes the millions of young cricketers who strive every day to be amongst the best tomorrow. This film is a dedication to each and every one of those young cricketers who relentlessly chase their dreams.”

Senthil Kumar explained, “The inspiration behind this campaign is the cricket crazy youth (CCY). For them, the ultimate realisation of their dreams is to play for the country, and that dream is common across every pitch in India. We remind India’s CCYs that to get there, you have to make the most of every moment you spend on that hallowed pitch. You have to seize every moment, snatch at every opportunity and train so you never drop the ball. Because the only thing that matters is what you do on those 22 yards. Wherever they may be. The manifesto that captures the campaign idea the best reads ‘Yesterday was not good enough. Today is not over yet. Make every yard count.” 

Watch the ad here… 

The digital film was created by Senthil Kumar, National Creative Director, JWT India and produced by 1st December Films, Bangalore. The song creation and sound design is by Dhruv Ganekar and Taufiq Qureshi.

Expert take
Bodhisatwa Dasgupta, Creative Director, Grey Worldwide remarked, “I think the ad was executed perfectly. Whoever sat on the edit table was obviously a genius. To just think how many shots these guys took to do justice to this blinding edit of hundreds of Indians playing cricket boggles the mind.”

“I don’t watch cricket myself, so I can’t really say for sure, but having said that, I think cricket, like any other sport is mostly about adrenalin. And watching this ad pumps up the adrenalin, makes you want to leap up and play. And if it can make me, a person who’s never held a bat in my life want to play, I’m guessing it’ll do much, much more to the cricket crazy nation,” he added.

Our take
Cricket is the only sport that is worshipped, played and watched religiously by two-third of this country. For a nation that worships cricket, playing on the game is undoubtedly the most powerful insight that any brand can opt for. It is an effortless, natural and superbly edited film that captures the dream of millions of youth in this cricket-crazy nation.

The insight behind the campaign is good and the film has been executed very well. The ad has beautifully captured the pulse of the game by splitting actions across so many athletes and locations to represent one cricket-crazy nation. It is difficult to seamlessly integrate them but the agency has done it perfectly. The theme goes well with a nation that can play this game even with the lack of space thereby making every yard count. The film has a vibrant soundtrack and will resonate with the youth because of a powerful idea executed brilliantly.

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