MTS gives birth to an internet baby

MTS has done all the right things for its new-born baby ad to promote its 3GPlus network - releasing it on a Bit Torrent site, creating social content around FourSquare & Twitter, and some smart SFX work

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Updated: Mar 5, 2014 7:54 AM
MTS gives birth to an internet baby

Underlining the data superiority of its 3GPlus network in India, MTS India has launched a new campaign, which features a new born baby who is familiar with technology and is exploiting the internet right from birth. The campaign sign off – “Born for the Internet” – is a reference to both the MTS network, which was created to deliver a great data experience, and to the MTS customer – today’s digital natives for whom the internet is a way of life.

The TVC opens in a labour room, where a woman is being coaxed by the doctor to ‘push’, as the father and the nurses watch anxiously. Suddenly, the baby’s hand pops out from under the cover and gestures everybody to stop. The baby crawls from under the sheet and sits on the mother’s chest. From here on in the film the baby does a series of activities that leaves people in the room shocked. He searches for ‘how to cut the umbilical cord’ and then cuts it, takes a selfie with the nurse on a mobile phone and posts it to Instagram, creates accounts on multiple social networking sites and broadcasts himself, makes a video and even uses the GPS system to navigate out of the hospital.

Finally, the baby walks out of the clinic and the receptionist already watching a video of the baby on YouTube. As the baby walks out, supers appear on screen saying, “Born for the internet. MTS 3GPlus Network.”

Watch the ad here…

Elaborating on the campaign, Amitesh Rao, Director – Brand & Media, MTS India said, “We needed a campaign to reinforce our strongest differentiator – the fact that we have designed and optimised the MTS 3GPlus network specifically for data. At the same time, we needed to be true to the MTS brand that talks to today’s 24x7, always-on, data hungry consumer, for whom the internet is the biggest opportunity platform. The challenge, of course, was to do all of this in an engaging and entertaining manner, which is what the story of a new-born baby going online to announce himself to the world does perfectly.”

Speaking about the TVC, Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia, the agency behind the campaign, said, “The script for the film began with the simple insight that today’s kids seem so comfortable with technology, devices and the internet even as babies. When I see them (including my own daughter) handle tablets, mobiles and laptops, I have always joked that they look like they were born with it. We just pushed that thought a little further. It took six months of painful labour. And the baby is finally out there.”

Kurup further said, “The film was released in the Torrent world even before it has been aired on television. We thought it was apt considering that the MTS 3GPlus network is designed to handle uploads and downloads at breakneck speeds. Something that today’s internet generation is hungry for.”

The TVC has been produced by Smuggler Films and directed by Guy Shelmerdine.

How’s the MTS new baby formula?

Expert take
Naresh Gupta, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle remarked, “There are many things that the campaign did right. The way they released the ad on a Bit Torrent site, the way they created the social content around FourSquare and Twitter, the way they tried to seed the commercial first with the internet generation. The TVC by itself is well made, has a cute baby formula, has done a lot of things by the book to go viral. For me, that is where the good things of the commercial end. The TVC by itself is not that path breaking. It does not tell the story of internet baby in a similarly different way. What it shows are usual stuff that we know babies can do with connected devices today. There is no intrigue in that. Personally, I do not like using babies (even if it is a white baby for brown parents) commercially. There is no reason to push commercial messages through babies; at a certain level it even contravenes the self-regulation guidelines that many marketers have started to use. I wish the TVC had kept the same edginess that the social media had.”

Our take
Gone are the days when you could see mom’s playing with their chubby little angels in baby products ads. The babies have indeed become smarter and can literally exploit the internet straight from birth. At least, this is the highlight of the latest ad from MTS. This ad reinforces the belief that right from dancing babies in Kit Kat, Evian and Tata Docomo ads, kids have surely come a long way and they are the new love of marketers.

The ad has used cutting-edge graphics technology to make the baby look real. It has done a great job in creating a baby with such detailed qualities and emotions.  The ad is based on the simple insight that today’s kids are very comfortable with technology and the internet.

However, the whole idea that kids use technology in a way as if they were born with it has been taken way too seriously by the brand. Some of the instances where the baby cuts his umbilical cord through the help of Google Search and the use of navigation seem a bit too exaggerated.

However, it is an endearing effort by the brand and the ad has surely garnered a huge response in the highly cluttered telecom category. Thanks to the always connected Next Gen!

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