Madison Media creates multi-media campaign for Tata Salt on World Iodine Day

Is 'I' missing from your body as well?, asked the campaign across media

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Updated: Oct 24, 2018 5:22 PM

Madison Media recently completed a multi-media innovation for its client Tata Salt on the occasion of World Iodine Day which was on October 21, 2018.

Madison Media built on the thought of the 'MissingI' conceptualised by Tata Salt and their creative agency Ogilvy. The agency got media partners across TV, Print and Digital to come together and make editorial changes to make the campaign a huge success. To highlight to consumers the importance of iodine in their nutrition, the letter ‘I’ was removed from editorial content and logos in leading newspapers, e-papers, TV news channels and social media.

Thirteen is the average IQ difference between an iodine-deficient and iodine-sufficient child. Iodine plays a huge role in the mental development of kids and yet very little is known about it. This led Tata Salt to come up with this campaign which involved a teaser campaign - “Is I missing from your body as well?” and a Reveal - "The missing I is Iodine and what it does. Iodine - the ‘I’ that India needs. Let’s make India Iodine sufficient."


Details of the campaign execution:

HT masthead and copy: The Hindustan Times recreated the sports page on the back page with their masthead and removed the letter 'I' from the masthead as well as the entire copy on the back page, with an ad inserted in the middle of the page that read "Is I missing from your body as well?”


Times of India online: The letter 'I' was removed from the Times of India logo on its Web and WAP sites. In addition, a roadblock was done on the home pages of both the web and wap sites, where all ads on the homepage were only of Tata Salt.


Republic TV: All super headlines flashed throughout the day had the letter 'I' missing from the headline as well as the copy, with an ad inserted at the bottom of the screen that read “Is I missing from your body as well?”

Twitter #MissingI: Leading cricket personalities Harsha Bhogale and Gautam Gambhir with a huge following on Twitter, put out two relevant tweets where the 'I' was missing. This started trending and other cricket enthusiasts also started putting out tweets without the 'I'. More than 3,000 twitter users used the #MissingI, generating more than 24,000 conversations, with a reach of 23.7 million and the #MissingI was trending for 15 hrs. Live tweets of #MissingI were broadcast on the Cricinfo home page banners and live score card using one-of-its-kind tech intervention leveraging real-time API integration between tweets feed and DSP. This garnered 6mn impressions on the match day.

Talking  about the campaign,  Sagar Boke, Marketing Head, Consumer Products Business, Tata Chemicals Ltd., said, “In 1983, Tata Salt played a key role in the iodisation movement in the country by launching India’s first branded iodised salt. On Global Iodine Deficiency Day, we wanted to emphasise the importance of iodine in daily diet, in an engaging manner. The #MissingI campaign communicated the health benefits of iodine through innovative media touch points. We are committed towards catalysing the nation free of iodine deficiency disorders, and making India healthy. Tata Salt’s genesis was in serving a national need, and we are proud that we continue to stay true to our motto of ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh ka Namak’.”

Vikram Sakhuja, Group CEO, Madison Media and OOH, said, “Tata Salt has championed the cause of iodine deficiency for decades with its iodised salt, and its commitment towards Desh Ki Sehat with its Desh Ka namak. In its latest initiative on this World Iodine Day on October 21, the critical issue of iodine deficiency has been raised through a multimedia campaign for #MissingI across newspapers, TV, online display and social. In this campaign, consumers are exposed to text with the letter 'I' missing, and then reminded to check if the 'I' is missing from their body too. It was exciting to execute this campaign across media in record time.”

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