Idea Cellular’s new spot promotes ‘Doing Good’ by sharing data plans

Lowe Lintas conceptualised the campaign, which highlights several scenarios where people want to do ‘good’ to others and they do it by sharing their internet data with them

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Updated: Nov 27, 2015 8:43 AM
Idea Cellular’s new spot promotes ‘Doing Good’ by sharing data plans

Idea Cellular has been popular for creating campaigns which tend to become a part of the popular culture. From their ‘What an Idea Sirjee’ to          ‘No Ullu Banaoing’ to ‘IIN’, all their ads are high on the memorability level. This time, Idea Cellular has released a new ad to highlight their new feature ‘Easy Share Internet’ which enables people to share internet and do good to others.

Lowe Lintas conceptualised the campaign which showed the ease of sharing data with anyone. The film highlights several scenarios where people want to do ‘good’ to others, for instance a hospital staff sharing her phone’s internet with a patient’s family member who is looking for a particular blood group or an office colleague sharing her internet with the office boy to help him in his child’s science project.

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Sharing the insight behind the campaign, Arun Iyer, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas said, “This time the product is ‘Easy Share’ which enables you to share internet with anyone. We decided to give this a spin from the angle that there are many people, who actually want to ‘do good’ to others, but don’t know how to do it and where to begin. Thus stemmed our creative strategy which is, you can help others, simply by sharing them your internet.”

Expert view:

Chaitanya Joshi, Creative Partner, Copy, Creativeland Asia said, “The creative is not one of the most memorable ones, but it is actually doing its job because the product itself is so novel- ‘sharing internet’. Talking about the IIN campaigns, there the memorability factor was high. Today we are bombarded with different kinds of information from brands- be it on kiosks, hoardings or cell phones- it is all about the battle for the mind space. Therefore, in order to stand out, it is very important for the creative to be memorable.”

Previous Creative strategies

The brand's properties, What an idea, Sirjee! No Idea, Get Idea, Honey Bunny and IIN have been deep rooted in popular culture today.

Honey Bunny:

In 2012, Idea released a campaign which showed people from various parts of the country singing different variations of a song that has the words 'Honey Bunny'. The lyrics kept changing with every new ‘singer’. All these people sing their own version from whatever they could remember. It is towards the end of the film revealed that these people have picked the song from a backpacker’s ringtone who travelled to different parts of the country, thereby popularising it.

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What an Idea Sirjee!

What an Idea Sirjee explored the idea of Government(s) using mobile service as an efficient tool to gather public opinion and support, while taking vital decisions impacting people’s lives. It also highlighted socially relevant message in the easy to understand form to the target audience.

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No Ullu Banoing:

The concept behind the ‘Idea Internet lagoing, India ka no ullu banoing’ campaign was to highlight that while travelling or in their own city only, people get cheated a lot. Idea felt that with the help of their internet network it was easy to grab the frauds. 

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IIN started the year with a clear objective of increasing Mobile Internet penetration across the country and increase relevance for mobile internet, making it a way of life for people. Idea thus came up with its campaign – “IIN, the greatest place to learn”.  However, very soon social media went buzzing with parodies and mocking trolls about the IIN campaigns.

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No Idea! Get Idea: (Mobile Number Portability):

The network through its series of ‘No Idea! Get Idea’ campaigns, tried to push for the Mobile Number Portability.

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