Hamam to make women self-reliant, will teach self-defence tactics

The #GoSafeOutside campaign by HUL and Ogilvy Mumbai will look at safety not just for skin but for the human life

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Updated: Jul 13, 2017 8:23 AM

If you were born a girl you probably understood very early on that you need to be protected from everything. You learnt quickly that you are weak, you can never go out alone and that you always need an escort wherever you go. You need to be saved from all the horrible things that happen to women. Not anymore, says HUL in its latest television commercial for its popular soap bar, Hamam. 


HUL and Ogilvy Mumbai have launched a new campaign for Hamam called #GoSafeOutside. The campaign seeks to promote the safety of women by enabling women to safeguard themselves against all kinds of harm. “Hamam, as a brand, feels a sense of responsibility to make a positive difference not just to people’s skin, but also their daily lives. With our new #GoSafeOutside campaign, we want to help improve the sense of safety people feel when they are outside by raising awareness, kick starting conversations and facilitating solutions,” said Harman Dhillon, General Manager, Skin Cleansing - HUL.

The brand positioning of Hamam has always been that of a protector. In one of the early ads for Hamam, a pregnant mother tells her son that she provides protection to the baby inside her just like Hamam protects him.


In this latest campaign, Hamam takes the same brand positioning and adds a twist to it. This time around, a mother enrolls her young daughter in a self-defence class to make her self-reliant. Hamam washes off the dirt and grime when the daughter is back from her gruelling lessons while she continues her training in the martial art of ‘Silambam’. The ad ends with the mother telling the daughter to go out on her own because she no more needs the mother to escort and protect her. “#GoSafeOutside is not just a campaign, it’s a monumental shift in the brand role. We want to actively enable and empower young women to feel safe and confident. Give them the ability to defend themselves in unpleasant situations, making them strong and self-reliant,” said Dhillon.

Speaking about the campaign Sukesh Nayak, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “Everyone must feel safe when they step outside the comfort of their home. Our campaign idea helps the brand Hamam play an active role in making lives safer. Hamam, with its new 360-degree integrated campaign, assures mothers that from here on, their safety is not just restricted to their skin because #GoSafeOutside is a campaign that reaches out to protect their lives just as the tagline states, You Safe, Your Skin Safe.”


The TVC is made for the Tamil-speaking audience. According to data shared by HUL, Hamam is a staple in 8 out of 10 households in Tamil Nadu. Hamam has also introduced a new packaging that depicts Silambam moves that women can use to defend themselves. As part of the campaign, HUL will also share self-defence videos on digital mediums. These videos will teach self-defence techniques set in situations that women face every day. 

HUL will set up CCTV-enabled billboards in Chennai. “Our plan is for Hamam to do much more than simply advocate self-defence. When stepping out of home, women need the assurance that someone cares enough to watch out for them. The brand is working with relevant authorities to identify locations in Chennai where the frequency of crimes against women have been recurring. We will set up billboards in these locations, fitted with CCTV cameras that capture a live feed of the surroundings thus deterring miscreants. The intent is to also try and give women instant, direct and urgent access to help through an alert mechanism that reaches the authorities,” Dhillon shared. 


In addition, Hamam will conduct on-ground camps where the brand will visit communities and talk about the importance of self-defence.

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