Can Himalaya make your skin troubles fly?

The new ad showcases young girls celebrating freedom from skin troubles by writing them on sky lamps that are lit up & set free. The primary objective is to highlight the new product packaging

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Updated: Nov 15, 2013 8:14 AM
Can Himalaya make your skin troubles fly?

Building awareness for its face wash portfolio, Himalaya has launched a television commercial showcasing the entire range of face care products. The primary objective is to highlight the new product packaging, design and technology innovation.

Conceptualised by Soho Square and directed by Gajraj Rao from Code Red Films, the new commercial showcases young girls from different walks of life celebrating their freedom from skin troubles.

These girls write down their skin problems like pimples and dark spots on sky lamps that are lit up and set free. As each of these lanterns rise up in the sky, the underlying message of ‘Freedom from skin troubles’ is revealed.

Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Head – Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company said, “Brand ‘Himalaya’ has evolved over the years to become a preferred brand among young consumers in the face care category. The success story started with Purifying Neem Face Wash and today we have a vast portfolio of over 15 face care products, including face washes, packs and scrubs, providing unique solutions to different skin problems. We wanted to build awareness on the complete range and bring out the problem-solution USP of our products. We also wanted to communicate to our consumers that their trusted face wash brand is now in a new avatar.”

He added, “The brief to the agency was to come up with a simple, compelling creative that highlighted this news while building the brand values of trust and credibility. The TVC takes a different approach to storytelling and the music accompanying it is also catchy and appealing.”

Shenaz Bapooji, Head of Office, Soho Square said, “We had great fun while creating this advertisement, especially because it was another first for brand Himalaya! The film, very simply, captures how Himalaya face care range has been the ideal solution to help millions of girls to get rid of their face care problems – be it pimples, oily skin, black heads, dark spots, etc. In the film, we used the metaphor of sky lamps to depict how young girls are now freed of their skin related problems. Through the film, you see different girls with flawless skin, releasing sky lamps with hand-written messages imprinted on them like ‘Goodbye pimples’, ‘No more oily skin’ – in celebration of the fact that all their skin problems have been taken care of, thanks to Himalaya!”

The TVC also highlights the new packaging of the face care range. Himalaya is the first company to use the technology of blow-moulding the tubes (like bottles) in India, which results in greater production and speed. The new design with its silver foiling also enhances the premium-ness of the product. A wave like pattern inspired from the logo along with the letter H is placed in the center for greater visibility.

Is Himalaya the solution to your problems?
Expert take

Chraneeta Mann, Executive Creative Director and National Creative Head at Rediffusion Y&R stated, “The ad is very nicely made. Looks good and the treatment is slick and modern. The message comes across effectively with the use of the prop.”

On the insight, she added, “This is a very functional ad for a whole range of Himalaya products. So there isn’t any insight in it. It’s a direct, functional ad for the product range and the skin troubles it targets. It is simple, but also effective.”

Our take
The ad is simple yet powerful and brings the message alive. It’s a freedom from the terribly clichéd beauty products ad highlighting fair and lovely skin with no marks. It’s the first ‘range’ TV commercial from Himalaya for its face care portfolio.

The idea of showcasing girls from different walks of life bidding adieu to their skin problems is very good. The ad becomes more interesting with the use of the lamps, highlighting the skin problems. It could not have been effective without the use of the prop.

The ad gives out the message of freedom from skin troubles very clearly.  Its execution is very neat and clear. The background song adds to the delight with its beautiful lyrics. In short, it is a very unique film from Himalaya.

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