Brands play the emotional card to celebrate Mother's Day

Brands across categories leveraged their association with Mother's Day. By taking the emotional route to find a deep connect with the audience, some brands concentrated only on delivering the message, while others seamlessly integrated the product in the communication

e4m by Sarmistha Neogy
Updated: May 9, 2016 7:49 AM
Brands play the emotional card to celebrate Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has always been an important event in the marketing calendar of brands. They have used this occasion to connect with consumers and highlight the important role that mother’s play in our lives.

 This time as well, brands across categories leveraged their association with Mother’s Day. By taking the emotional route to find a deep connect with the audience, some brands concentrated only on delivering the message, while others seamlessly integrated the product in the communication. 

From ecommerce to fashion brands, start-ups, airlines, electrical appliances, food brands to providers in the home services space; this year has seen considerable surge in the number of brands associating themselves with this day. While, brands like Nutralite, Biba, Bajaj Electricals, PaperBoat and Nivea maintained a nuanced stand to celebrate the day; on the other hand Videocon, Housejoy and BlueStone used this occasion to integrate their brand communication with the theme of the day.

While some brands suggested consumers to replace their middle name with their mothers name on social media platforms, others urged them to start accepting their mothers’ friend requests and some even captured the journey of single mothers. In all cases, the common theme being-- to celebrate motherhood and cherish the first friend in our lives. 

Let’s take a look at some of the Indian and global brands which took this opportunity to engage with their consumers and celebrate the spirit of motherhood.


Nivea launched their campaign #SayItWithHugs to thank all mothers for their relentless dedication towards their child’s well being. The film captures a mother’s typical nature of worrying, she is constantly concerned about her child’s safety, health, happiness, and much more. And sometimes, she worries even when she doesn’t need to. The real reason behind all this worrying being her care.


Nutralite came up with a beautiful video which shows how growing up has made us forget our first friend- mother. The video conceptualised by Tonic Media, urges kids to accept friend requests from their moms or unblock them on social media. Using the hashtag #KeepItLite with moms, the brand talks about accepting a friendship that will last a lifetime.

BlueStone: highlighted how beautiful a mother-child bond truly is. The video starts with a mother son duo discussing about the new girl in his life. Just like any mother, she’s seen asking questions about the girl and whether he’s proposed to her yet. She tries to reason with him stating that she’s seen a BlueStone jewellery box in one of his drawers. To her utter surprise, the son returns and places the box in front of her and wishes her ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’The video implies that even though mothers know everything about our lives, they seldom realise how special their presence is.


The ethnic apparel brand Biba released their digital film depicting the beautiful mother-daughter relationship. The film opens with a regular household scene where a mother wants her daughter to settle down quickly. The twist comes when her career driven daughter tells her that she will marry when the right time comes, but encourages her mother to pursue her forgotten dreams by doing what she has always loved to do -make things beautiful with her craft work. The film showcases the beautiful relationship while giving out a social message of changing perceptions and setting out priorities across age groups.

Videocon Group:

Using the hashtag #SuperMom, Videocon released a small fun animated video which says that even superhero needs a hero and they can’t do without them. The brand has seamlessly integrated the brand communication in this short film.

Videocon Mobile Phones:

Using the hashtag #LoveYouMummy, the brand launched an emotional video to highlight that no matter how old we get, the first word that comes to our mind whenever we land in a difficult situation is ‘Mummy’.

Bajaj Electricals:

Bajaj Electricals released an emotional video on the occasion of Mother’s Day urging all children to replace their middle name with their mother’s name on social media (atleast for a day)- a privilege which has always been given to fathers. It also highlights the unconditional love of mothers for their children.


Housejoy, a provider in the home services space, took a different route by talking to single mothers. These women share how Housejoy is taking care of the essential household chores like laundry, home cleaning, plumbing & electrical needs, appliance repairs, fitness & wellness or the indulgent beauty service at home.


The e-commerce giant Snapdeal launched an initiative in association with United Health Care which will provide online and phone based guidance on all aspects of parenthood to pregnant women employees. It also has a two-pronged approach to ensure a smoother transition of mothers re-joining the workforce.


The online shopping site Myntra launched a beautiful video titled ‘Things that Moms Do’ and highlighting the thought that ‘Looking Good is all about Feeling Great’.

Urban Clap:

On this occasion, Urban Clap through an emotional video showcased how a mother realises that her daughter has everything quite sorted thanks to Urban Clap, while she has to deal with the household chores alone. She’s however pleasantly surprised when her daughter still turns to her for her special adhrak chai, saying that’s something that only Mom can do. The digital film highlights the importance of Urban Clap in today’s life, which would always be only second best to the most proficient trouble-shooter we all know – Mom!


Airline brand Vistara launched a digital video #MomsAlwaysOnTime, which is conceptualised by The Mob. It applauds the spirit of every multi-tasking woman and allows them to spend more time with their kids by making the flight always on time.


The brand released a film titled Rizwan: Keeper of the Gates of Heaven on the digital platform. It is Paper Boat's first foray into fiction story-telling.


Procter &Gamble is the global sponsor of the Rio Olympics and this year it has spoken to 14,000 moms globally to shape the campaign ‘Thank You Mom’. The long format film weaves the moments when even the physically strong and gifted look towards their mother for reassurance and comfort.

Apple (iPhone):

In an ode to mothers around the world, Apple through a touching video titled ‘Shot on iPhone’ showcases the beautiful mother-child relationship. The video is a montage of photos and videos shot using an iPhone. Each photo depicts scenes like child birth, playing and growing up in an attempt to cherish all the beautiful memories of life.

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