Acko aims to break gender stereotypes through #BlindDateWithAcko campaign

The film is being released on digital platforms and will be amplified across all of Acko’s social channels

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Updated: Mar 9, 2020 1:21 PM
Blind Date With Acko

Ahead of the International Women’s Day, Acko General Insurance has launched a unique initiative with the intent to break gender stereotypes associated with driving. Acko’s digital campaign challenges the commonly held stereotype that women are poor drivers and aims to convey that gender has no implication on driving ability.

An age-old practice of stereotyping drivers based on genders is still very widespread in society today. Even today it is not surprising to see a woman driver get judgemental looks from others around her. Though women are deemed bad drivers by many, research has shown that women are better drivers than men in most countries across the world.

In fact, Acko’s claim statistics show that women are 8% less likely to be involved in accidents than men. This campaign underlines Acko’s belief that driving capabilities are not defined by gender but by one's ability to handle the vehicle safely on the roads. Other studies have also revealed how women are more cautious, more risk-averse and complaint to traffic rules while driving.

The campaign opens with a teaser showcasing a vox pop asking both men and women who are better drivers, men or women? The responses highlight how women are stereotyped as bad drivers and play up people's biases towards women drivers.

The creative campaign focuses on a social experiment conducted by Acko, to challenge these societal stereotypes through a campaign # BlindDateWithAcko. Participants were asked to go on a drive with Acko but they did not know who was driving as they were blindfolded for the ride. On reaching the destination they were asked to identify the person they thought drove them. Not surprisingly, most of the participants judged women drivers unfairly. Revealing the actual drivers made them realise how they had been biased and judgemental towards women drivers.

The film is being released on digital platforms and will be amplified across all of Acko’s social channels.

Speaking on the campaign, Kavita Chowkimane - VP Marketing, Acko said, “ Stereotyping limits people's achievements and holds back social progress that can come from empowering women and gender equality. As a leading new age consumer brand, we want to use our insights and expertise to challenge these gender stereotypes - not only in our business but also in society at large. With this campaign, we want to highlight that driving is a skill or ability that has nothing to do with one’s gender.”

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