‘The importance of communication & marketing teams has enhanced manifold’

At IPRCCCA 2021, a panel of industry experts shared insights on the interdependence between marketing and communication in the PR industry

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Published: Apr 11, 2022 4:39 PM  | 3 min read

The 12th edition of the India Public Relations & Corporate Communications Conference & Awards (IPRCCA) on Friday witnessed the virtual gathering of some of the brightest minds in the Public Relations and Corporate Communication domain. Among the many insightful sessions that were a part of the agenda, the conference witnessed an eclectic panel discussion on The association/ interdependence between marketing and communication.

The members of the panel were Amit Nanchahal, Associate Director, Corporate Communication, Pepsico; Beedisha Chakrabarti   Managing Consultant & VP Delhi, Archetype and Tuhina Pandey Communications Leader - IBM, India and South Asia · IBM. The session was moderated by Ruhail Amin, Senior Editor, exchange4media.

Amin opened the panel by asking them to share how merged marketing and communications have become while also staying differentiated at the same time. Chakrabarti shared that the fundamentals of communication have entirely changed and added, “Previously, corporate introduced the brand and then communicated to the consumer, which has entirely flipped. It is no longer the company or the brand/marketing team that is shaping the brand but the communication used to reach the consumer and they in turn are shaping the brand. To that extent, communication and marketing are symbiotic, but the voice of the marketing team or external audience is what communication is doing.”

Sharing insights on how this relationship has evolved over the last few years between marketing and communications, Nanchahal shared, “For an FMCG company at a time where social media is so mainstream and Gen-Z are talking about brands and purpose communication, the importance and relevance of communication and marketing teams has enhanced manifold. From a marketers point of view, today they want you to be a partner in the entire narrative that the brand wants to drive and deliver. That is a welcome change. We were also able to make the brand aware of the importance of social media and influencer marketing as a tool for storytelling and therefore at Pepsico, the communications team handles the whole social media and influencer marketing function.”

Talking about ensuring that the sensibilities of both the teams remain on the same page, Pandey addressed the elephant in the room and said, “There has been an artistic tension between these teams sometimes traditionally. What is happening is the stakeholders are challenging both the teams to start talking and collaborating. Some collaboration is because we want them to collaborate but the market forces are also getting both the teams at the table together. The broader theme is that the two teams are sitting together more often now. When the two teams come together there is a power to be harnessed and people understand that, it’s still an evolving relationship.”

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