What print media should keep in mind when going outdoor

Print publications can get more bang for their buck from OOH advtg if they target it right, use eye-catching creatives and follow single line of thought, say experts

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Updated: Sep 17, 2013 7:51 AM
What print media should keep in mind when going outdoor

Print publications have been serving as a strong advertising platform for different brands, but when it comes to self-promotion or to create a buzz, print media often turns to outdoor media.

Conde Nast India uses OOH advertising to promote most of its key issues across brands. For anniversary issues, the investment is even higher to get more frequency and visibility, shared Oona Dhabhar, Marketing Director, Conde Nast India.

Dhabhar further said, “Over the last six years, we have tried and tested many different creatives and have found a formula that works well for each of our brands. A memorable campaign that we did last year was for the launch of ‘Architectural Digest’ in India, where we had hoardings across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The sites on Marine Drive and in Juhu had a replica of the magazine, with the cover page opening and closing. That really helped to create a buzz and we got some very good feedback, besides the issue selling out.”

‘Evo India’, a recently launched auto magazine, rolled out an outdoor campaign using 12 hoardings in its home city Pune. The magazine will be embarking on the second phase of its outdoor campaign in major metros later this month.

Commenting on Evo India’s outdoor strategy, Sirish Chandran, Editor, EVO India, “The whole point of using outdoor media is, firstly, to announce to auto enthusiasts that ‘Evo’ is now launching in India. Secondly, to tell the larger audience that there’s a new magazine in town. Thirdly, to clearly communicate the positioning of the magazine, which we are doing by a clear, uncluttered campaign with a stand-out image of the launch issue cover. And lastly, to communicate our pre-launch subscription offer, which ties in strongly with our editorial focus.”

There are, however, a few things that print media needs to keep in mind while strategising an outdoor campaign. These include...

Target it right
It is important to choose the right location based on the publication’s target audience; especially if it is a niche publication. For example, ‘Evo India’ will be looking at cosmopolitan areas, areas frequented by the youth, upmarket localities where expensive cars are bought, as well as areas with lots of traffic and long waits at traffic lights, said Chandran.

Cluster it
Once the right location has been chosen, it is wise to have more than one hoarding. “The more you see, the more it gets hardwired in the audiences’ head. Outdoor is expensive, so make the most use of it. In our case, we have used it to announce the launch and also promote subscriptions via the pre-launch offer,” Chandran added.

Use eye-catching creatives
Dhabhar stressed that it is important to have interesting creatives to portray the publication’s imagery. The best way to promote a magazine is to use its cover. Outdoor innovations are a great way of getting people to talk about the brand.

Have single line of thought
It is necessary to have a clear call to action, depending on the objective of the communication. The basic rule for creating an outdoor campaign is to make it less wordy and more visually attractive. Outdoor as a medium today is cluttered with long copies on large formats because of which they are not effective and don’t draw attention.

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