Now, brands can use your car to place ads

Dreamers Media and Advertising’s innovative concept can turn privately-owned cars into advtg platforms, while the agency pays off three years of EMIs

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Updated: Jul 12, 2013 8:23 AM
Now, brands can use your car to place ads

Cabs being used as advertising platforms is passé, now brands can look at private cars as potential billboards. Dreamers Media and Advertising, a seven-month old Pune-based agency, has come up with an innovative concept wherein it offers three years’ EMI holiday to car owners who will allow brands to display their ads on their new cars. The agency will be offering this service across India.

Commenting on choosing this mode of transit media for the initiative, Sunis Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Dreamers Media and Advertising said, “In India, the transit mode is not explored to the fullest when it comes to advertising. It is a grey space, which was not being taken into consideration for branding; it is only in the last few years that public transport is being used for advertising.”

He further noted, “There are times when brand activities are not maintained well in public transport. We believe advertising will work really well only when it is personalised. With our 13 months of research, we are confident that this model will be a great success.”

How does it work?
The agency is currently targeting cars that cost up to Rs 6 lakh (on road price).  Consumers who wish to purchase a car through Dreamers can avail of the offer by paying a 25 per cent down payment with EMI tenure of years. The agency will pay the EMIs for the first three years, while the consumer will make the payment for the last two years. In return, the agency will utilise 40-60 per cent of the exterior body of the car using vinyl stickers and the cost will be borne by the agency.

However, at this point of time the consumer cannot choose the brand to be displayed on the car. Under the agreement, the agency can change the brand endorsement on the car at any point of time with 48 hours’ notice to the customer.

Also, in case of an accident and damage to the sticker, only the cost of putting the sticker back will be borne by the agency. The agency will get a GPS virtual tracking system fitted to the car to ensure that it runs for at least 1,500 km every month. If a customer fails to do that, he will attract a penalty, the clauses for which have not been revealed by the agency yet.

The initiative will be launched on September 1, 2013. The agency plans to come up with a marketing campaign to promote this innovative concept. Interested customers can call a toll free number, to be launched in a week’s time, to initiate the process. The vinyl stickers will be put on the car once it is out of the showroom.

Mohamed mentioned that the agency has put in nearly Rs 2 crore as initial investment and is willing to invest another Rs 50 crore. In its first year, the company expects revenues of Rs 50 crore. It aims to reach out to 15,000 people in the first year of operations and an ambitious figure of 100,000 by the end of the second year. The proposition is also open to second hand cars and existing users of cars with a different slab and structure, the details of which have not been revealed yet.

Shivani Lorai, Director, Sales and Marketing, Dreamers Media and Advertising shared that the association with the brands could be quarterly, half-yearly and annual. The rates will depend on their demand for brands/ models, the cities and the duration of the campaign. The agency will be soon launching a full-fledged marketing campaign to promote this service.

“Initially, people will not have an option to choose the brands that will go on their cars, but we will look into that with more response coming in. We have invested a lot of time in setting up strong back-end support processes such as a 24x7 call centre to ensure pipeline maintenance, handle customer complaints and business partners. We also have in place an in-house design team for making creatives and field staff to ensure that the cars are clean, the stickers are intact and VTS is working,” added Mohamed.

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