New OOH outfit Dekhooh launches in Bangalore

The agency, keen on acquiring a bigger client base than a bigger OOH asset base, is targeting 300 clients & 70 OOH assets in B’lore

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Updated: Jan 8, 2013 6:35 PM
New OOH outfit Dekhooh launches in Bangalore

Come 2013 and Bangalore is now home to a new OOH outfit – Dekhooh, a strategic OOH initiative of KLSB Media.

The team is headed by Managing Director Shashidhar KL, CEO B Maheshchandra, and General Manager Prasad Muthukrishnan – well-known names in the media and advertising industry.

Speaking to exchange4media on the vision behind the agency, Shashidhar elaborated, “Dekhooh was started with a singular vision to assist organisations and brand managers achieve clutter-free communication. It is not sufficient if an ad or a piece of communication is great; to be effectively received, appreciated and make a positive impact, the medium of communication also needs to be equally good. Dekhooh hopes to present a robust and clear medium of communication via its strategically chosen and installed outdoor communication assets.”

Dekhooh in Hindi means ‘see’. It is a verb, a call for action, which calls out for attention. Shashidhar said, “What better name for an OOH agency than Dekhooh? Coincidentally, we also realised that Dekhooh ends with OOH, the abbreviation by which the ‘Out of Home’ industry is better known.”

The agency is currently focusing on clients in the auto, jewellery, consumer durables, education and real estate segments. Presently, Dekhooh’s physical properties – in terms of hoardings – are situated in Bangalore. It will be expanding its asset base to cover metros and tier I cities by end of November 2013.

As a part of its CSR initiative, the agency is also offering non-contractual free display space and time to deserving NGOs.

Shashidhar shared the key reasons for picking Bangalore to headquarter the agency. “Bangalore, according to us, is the brand hub of India. There is not a single brand that is globally present, but absent in Bangalore. The city, also, is the centre for numerous ad agencies. The average out of home time for a Bangalorean is approximately 2 travel hours a day (which includes 30 minutes of idling owing to traffic), 1.2 leisure hours a day and 3 shopping hours a week in specific target segments that we have surveyed. This is a good average and provides us a huge opportunity in terms of visibility capitalisation. The acceptance rate of advertised products and power of purchase is high too. Bangalore is hence the natural choice under such circumstances.”

Dekhooh will be offering both, digital and non-digital advertising options. The options include billboards, bus advertising, digital billboards, digital signages, flyers, neon signages, point-of-sale displays, street furniture, and general transit media.

Shashidhar stated, “We are keen on acquiring on a bigger client base than a bigger OOH asset base. So, essentially, we are targeting 300 clients and 70 strategically placed OOH assets in Bangalore and a similar number in metros and other tier I cities. The demand for space will however be primarily driven by the geographies in which our customers are present.”

Branded accessories, retail chains, hospitality industry, jewellery, FMCG, and real estate are the major consumers of OOH space. The trend across South India is on par with the Indian trend, with the exception of the jewellery segment with the OOH communication being slightly on the higher side in South India.

Talking about trends in the OOH industry in 2013, Shashidhar said, “There will certainly be better evaluation of property and impact of property. Cut-throat bidding, which was once a standard feature of the industry, is slowly weaning away. Scientific evaluations of visibility, eyeballs per day, TG population and overall impact are practices which are seeping in and this is great news. Advertisers are now looking at OOH agencies as strategic brand partners.”

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