NEONS 2018: Digital is an opportunity and also a challenge: CEO, Kinetic UK

The move to digital has given OOH advertising a new scope to become not just an afterthought but be at par with TV, Print and pure-play Digital when it comes to ad spends

While the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry is known for creating brand reach and impact, with the mass adoption of digital, this industry is at cross roads of new challenges and opportunities.

One of the dominant debates in the OOH industry currently is around measurement. The industry is experimenting with various tools to measure its reach and impact which this medium is known for. Over the last few years, the move to digital OOH has given this industry a new hope to become not just an afterthought, but to be at par with TV, Print and pure-play Digital when it comes to ad spends.

Speaking at the recent Neons OOH Conference & Awards 2018, Stuart Taylor, CEO, Kinetic Worldwide, underlined how the shift to Digital OOH has unleashed a new set of opportunities and challenges for the domain. He said, “We think digital is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Over the years digital has become the driving force of our industry but it is bringing bigger challenges too and overcoming those challenges will be the key to aim for a larger market share in the coming time.”

“If we look at UK, almost 50 per cent of ad spends are purely digital. This has created a digital mindset among clients, brand managers and agencies as they think digital first. Now we need to make a case of how outdoor can fit into that. So outdoor has to move to digital to survive. At the same time the complexity of the digital world is working against it rather than for it,” he added.

Citing the advantages of OOH that makes the medium a preferred choice for brand marketers, Taylor said, “The biggest factor that works for outdoor across markets is that it creates impact and is thus an unavoidable medium for marketers. Moreover, unlike other forms of advertising, it cannot be blocked and most importantly it’s not interruptive.”

Underling that the outdoor industry is gearing up to become future ready by combining new technology with better insights, Taylor said, “Our mission is to bring creativity, insights, intelligence and technology to connect audiences out of home. Digital OOH has already become an integral part of the larger digital spends and there is need to bring more transparency into the industry. I also think it’s time to witness a huge transition and unprecedented change in the outdoor domain so that it can stay relevant in this age and time.”

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