Mobile OOH will be a game-changer: Iftekhar Ahmed Siddiqui, iBall

Siddiqui, the VP of marketing at iBall, shared insights into the tech-accessory brand’s latest OOH campaign and staying relevant in the age of digital

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Updated: Feb 21, 2020 8:19 AM
Iftekhar Ahmed Siddiqui, iBall

Home-grown tech accessory brand- iBall engaged airport passengers with targeted Out-of-home campaign using QR codes and charging stations to sell their power banks. Installed at every nook and corner of the Mumbai airport across 72 media outlets with a total of 144 faces, the media campaign was a complemented compelling communication.  

Branded with attractive taglines like ‘Right now, the SmartOnes are still on WhatsApp’ and ‘Right now, the SmartOnes are buying this on Amazon’, the targeted OOH campaign focused on how power banks are a must-have for the smart & modern travellers.

Iftekhar Ahmed Siddiqui, Vice President of Marketing, iBall explained that the medium has helped the brand immensely to put the message across. “The USP of this campaign was its location and contextual communication.  We received tremendous response from both travellers and industry veterans on how the creative communication was playful and fun, which made it engaging. The creative on the charging kiosks received maximum attention from the users, while a lot of discussions were started on Social Media and its impactful messaging. We not only generated huge demand for the product but surpassed our initial goals with approximately 1 lakh scans in the duration of the campaign.”

Also, Ahmed will be part of a panel discussion at the NEONS OOH Conference & Awards on the topic Drive-to-Store: How OOH is Changing the Game. The crux of the discussion will revolve around how OOH has been a mass reach medium and its drive-to-store capabilities were less obvious. But with the changing scenarios, the perception is changing too. With the urban spaces becoming increasingly digitalized and people’s behaviour evolving, OOH has grown into a firm influencer of consumer decision-making.

“I think your largest consumption is your phone, so things are slowly moving to Mobile OOH. From Facebook to Netflix to Amazon to shopping, you do everything on your phone to it more than TV, radio, or anything. Everything is on your phone today. Mobile OOH will be a game-changer,” he suggested.

He added, “If you can convert an offline media into an online media, and if you can merge the line then that’s a win-win situation. This is valid for outdoor as well as print.”

Iftekhar will also shed light on how OOH industry can step towards digital to stay relevant in the business.

The tenth edition of the NEONS OOH Awards and Conferences is set to provide a platform for all OOH stakeholders to deliberate upon the new growth avenues and collaborate to make the industry bigger and reach the growth goals.

The conference to be held on March 12-13, 2020, at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai will be followed by an award ceremony where OOH industry leaders will be felicitated.

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