Captions plans to consolidate & acquire new alternate OOH media: Haseeb Faquih

Haseeb Faquih, Partner, Captions Outdoor Advertising, talks about sectors that are spending more on OOH, and the company's growth & future plans

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Updated: Mar 2, 2020 8:58 AM
Captions OOH

Captions Outdoor Advertising is known to be one of the most potent outdoor advertising companies in the Pune area as well as the Agency of Record for media sourcing and buying for leading advertisers. In the year 2012, Pune based OOH media houses like Captions Outdoor Advertising along with Asha Publicity and Hallmark Outdoor joined hands. This consolidation was represented by an independent entity called Sixth Element Advertising. The Sixth Element Advertising provides a huge inventory of sites across Pune and other cities of Maharashtra. Joining forces allowed the OOH owners/agencies to reach out proactively to more clients and offer a one-stop-solution for all outdoor needs and requirements.

The key factors that set Captions apart from other agencies and OOH owners are that they are into Media Planning, Execution and Monitoring. In their Media Planning offering, Captions goes through the Outdoor Advertising market in Pune and have their finger on the pulse of the local market (Pune). A comprehensive media is first presented to clients after analyzing their requirements and needs. After which their hoarding locations cover all important junctions with maximum eyeball coverage.

In terms of execution, Faquih says the installation teams are at the heart of their business. At every step of the way, Captions tracks the installation and keeps the client updated on all aspects. They periodically give a status update to clients as well as ensure the quality of the flex, lighting as well as the hoarding itself.

Monitoring and reporting form the backbone of our client servicing operations. We have a clear reporting system that keeps our clients updated on all aspects of the campaign. In the outdoor advertising agency environment in Pune, we pride ourselves on being the numero uno agency.

Haseeb Faquih, Partner, Captions Outdoor Advertising LLP speaking about the growth of the OOH company shared, “Captions commenced operations in 1989 and have since grown to be a leader at Pune with a presence in Nagpur and Aurangabad.”

According to Faquih the new pitches and clients for Captions are all coming from local real estate players and the Retail sector. Faquih said according to his clientele, the sector of brands that are spending more on OOH is from the real estate and retail sector.

Talking about the trends that will drive the OOH industry going forward, Faquih remarks, “Interactive digital media at public confluence places will engage, inform and induce purchase.”

Further stating the challenges for OOH players, Faquih says that unclear government policies which are very inconsistent. Too much political interference.

Lastly, Faquih shares that Captions Outdoor Advertising’s plans going forward are to Consolidate and acquire new alternate OOH media.

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