A world of innovation in outdoor advertising

exchange4media takes a peek at some fascinating innovations seen in outdoor media globally...things that Indian advertisers can emulate

e4m by Priyanka Nair
Updated: Feb 13, 2013 11:39 PM
A world of innovation in outdoor advertising

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation”. And these two functions have to, almost always, work in tandem. In the last few years, out of home has emerged as a very important element in an Indian marketer’s mix. We have seen the industry evolve and grow. Outdoor formats such as billboards, gantries, unipoles, etc. have been used extensively.

So, this there room for improvement and innovation in the India OOH scenario? A big resounding Yes!  

Innovation in the Indian outdoor advertising space has definitely begun but there still is a huge area of discovery yet to be done by brands.

Imagine an ATM machine speaking out live stock exchange updates or an aerial advertising display. We have witnessed such outdoor disruptive innovations in more advanced markets. However, Indian brands and solution providers have yet to emulate the same.

Global learnings should come into picture in such cases. Outdoor industry globally is an organised sector wherein technology advancement is integrated with marketing. Considering these aspects, exchange4media takes a look at some fascinating outdoor formats that we wish we could see in the Indian outdoor landscape... 

Interactive street furniture
Many brands, globally, use street furniture interesting. They mainly use this kind of outdoor media formats for integration and interactivity. Interactive street furniture makes sense for advertisers looking to physically engage their target consumers due to the proximity of the advertisements to the audience. Street furniture allows a series of engagement opportunities including multiple mobile capabilities and listening posts.

These campaign additives give depth and allow consumers to entrench themselves further in the brand. There may not be a better way to reach a tech-savvy, active young audience than with mobile street furniture – a medium that has the ability to stop pedestrians in their tracks.

Times Square spectaculars are a one-of-a kind outdoor advertising medium. These engaging outdoor placements create an authentic and memorable experience for the millions of visitors that come to the world’s largest outdoor advertising museum. Besides the direct marketing to an extraordinary high amount of daily viewers, these placements have a disproportionate high value in the level of publicity they generate and online traffic through social sharing sites of photos and links.

Coca cola five years back had launched a spectacular which was not only caught the attention of local citizens but also created a history in itself. Here is the look at the launch campaign...

Airborne displays

Airborne displays are large-format advertising panels in various shapes and sizes towed by aircraft over areas of concentrated population. Skywriting also falls into this category. Airborne displays are primarily used to reach large audiences at sports events, beaches, resorts, and other high consumer congregation areas to advertise products and services, introductions, retail or sports events, motion pictures, concerts, theme parks, and so forth.

Avion, a tequila brand in the US, in 2011 used airborne display banners over beaches during spring break to attract people’s attention. There are many political campaigns in the US that use this media format for campaigning purposes. In the past, Hewlett Packard also used this medium during Super Bowl. Here is a look at how it leveraged this medium...

Wall murals
Wall murals are advertisements painted directly on building surfaces or printed on pressure-sensitive vinyl and attached to walls. Not all walls accommodate vinyl. Wall murals accommodate a wide variety of unusual creative sizes and shapes and have high exposure and visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Located on major freeways and highways, on commuter and tourist routes, and in downtown business districts, wall murals are custom-designed for long-term exposure. With selected coverage of highway, expressway, and commuter traffic, wall murals often become landmarks in cities in the US and UK.

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