Video: TAM and BARC disagree on the possibility of co-existence

While TAM CEO LV Krishnan says there is place for multiple players in the market, BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta says there can only be one currency

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Updated: Apr 7, 2015 8:12 AM
Video: TAM and BARC disagree on the possibility of co-existence

In the wake of BARC’s upcoming launch, we speak to TAM’s LV Krishnan and BARC’s Partho Dasgupta to get their views on the existence of dual currencies in the market.

On TAM’s future, LV Krishnan, CEO of TAM said, “We are going to be in measurement, we are going to look at integrated measurement across cross-media and we are going to focus on geo-centric measurement actually. If you see consumers, in the last fifteen years they have been changing constantly. And that change is not only coming from television but from radio that we already measure, from sports and now online media such as mobiles and tablets.

He added, “So the next step for TAM is to go beyond television and measure other devices automatically.”

On the possibility of existence of two currencies in the market he said, “Obviously there is no problem at all because market is large enough for multiple players and more than even two players. It’s up to the user and whether the service takes care of the needs of the user. As long as we are unique in nature from our perspective of the services we provide I am sure that we will find customers buying into the data and providing revenue streams.”

On broadcasters shifting to BARC and whether it will impact TAM, Krishnan said, “It’s not that they are living in a different world actually. From their perspective, TV is one of the revenues they have and there are other mediums also through which they are looking at creating revenue streams, because their consumers are also moving across platforms and they are creating content across platforms too. We will measure television. We are not going away from television. Plus measure other devices that audiences are using to consume their content, so a combination of multiple devices rather than just one screen. From our perspective, television is one of the screens that we will measure, besides that we will get into second and third screen measurement sooner or later. TAM is here to stay and it’s not going silent in nature. From TAM, Nielsen and Kantar perspective, we will keep changing with evolving needs of the customers and also at the same time, the way the consumers are behaving in the market place.”

Contrary to what Krishnan said, Partho Dasgupta, CEO of BARC said, “Have you ever dreamt of a country with two currencies, say Rupee and Euro at the same time? Does it ever work? Currency means it has to be one.”
On 20,00 meters, Dasgupta said, “It is not absolute justice but it is a very good improvement from what we had earlier. It is a sampling and not a universe estimation as what happens say in digital. But the way things are, it is a very good improvement, but there is obviously scope for more.”

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