Tele movies generate fantastic viewership: Ronojoy Chakraborty, Sony YAY!

Tele movies are among the top-rated shows and work well from the advertisers’ perspective too, says Chakraborty, Head – Programming, Sony YAY!

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Updated: May 10, 2019 8:53 AM
Ranojoy Chakraborty

Tele movies have been among the top-rated shows on TV and draw advertisers, says Ronojoy Chakraborty, Head – Programming, Sony YAY!. 

The channel, which recently completed two years, will be adding new episodes to their shows and increase the number of tele-movies being aired. It also plans to take the TV movies to the theatres soon, informed Chakraborty.

“For the time being, we are releasing it only on television. We are looking for theatricals as well, but we are at the planning stage. We will declare it once we finalise the details. The kind of viewership TV movies are getting on the channel is fantastic. It is probably better than the shows because movies have a duration of an hour and a half. We get a huge time spend surge when we play those movies on television. So these movies are the top-rated shows on TV.” He also pointed out that kids love to see longer content because they want to see it uninterrupted and enjoy the complete character of the show.

Regarding advertisers, Chakraborty said: “TV-movies are pre-sold to the advertisers. Ad rates don’t really vary between shows and movies. From the advertisers’ perspective, it obviously makes a lot of sense. So will be the theatricals later on. The kids’ category is new, it’s just 15 years old and growing.”

On areas of improvement, Chakraborty said the category has not been getting enough ad revenues. “Kids category is actually the fourth largest one while we get only one-tenth of the revenues. So in that sense it is under-indexed. So we have not been able to get the same kind of advertising rates. If we are one-fourth the size, we should at least get one-fourth of the advertising revenue share. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. I think there has to be some corrections in the future and as the category grows, I am sure advertisers will also realise and put more money in the kids’ genre.”

When asked what kind of corrections the category should undergo, Chakraborty said: “If we are the fourth largest category after Hindi GECs, Hindi movies and regional, we should have similar kind of advertising revenue share.”
Speaking about what kids prefer, he said, “The kids’ category only works with animations shows. There have been earlier attempts by channels to delve into live action shows.  But that is not the preferential medium for kids. They prefer animation shows over live action. If you see all channels in the category have animation shows and they are all story-based and character-based as that’s what kids like.”


Sony Yay! has recently ventured into merchandising and licensing of products. “We have a huge potential. We are just a two-year-old channel, we just got into this and signed up a few deals. Kicko’s Supercar will be part of the merchandising as well. We have already launched the stationary products and are in the process of launching other products.”

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