Travelxp HD – bringing travel up close and personal in India

Travelxp HD, touted as India’s first and only channel dedicated solely to travel, has a lot lined up in terms of marketing and strategy push.

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Updated: Jul 5, 2011 9:08 AM
Travelxp HD – bringing travel up close and personal in India

Travelxp HD is the first channel dedicated just to travel. There is no other travel channel in India be it from an International broadcaster or Indian broadcaster which is solely dedicated to travel. Infact this is the first and only travel channel coming from an Indian broadcast company. In the line of their business, Celebrities Management (CMPL) have launched a new 24/7 HD travel channel ‘travelxp’ ( with the specific goal to promote Travel & Tourism; incite consumer interest in destinations, travel and tourism; in Indian & Global Markets. The said channel is distributed on all mediums, cable, DTH, Satellite, Web, Mobile, etc.

Prashant Chothani , CEO, Media World Wide and Celebrities Management Pvt Ltd, said “For Travelxp, 100 per cent content is produced by us in High Definition 1080i in English and dubbed in Hindi as well. No part of content is syndicated content, therefore exclusive and original. It has taken us over 3 years to produce this content and we continue to invest into production of travel related content both India and International. No other channel in India currently has a portfolio as diverse as Travelxp HD and focusing solely on travel”.

With Nisha Chothani as the Business & Content Head of the Channel the channel is targeting business and recreational travelers, the young to old, for both short and long haul breaks, Travelxp HD lures viewers to experience all the places across the globe again and again. The channel is being marketed by an inhouse team. The channel in a span of a quarter has been well received and has received evident response from its Facebook fan page

“We firmly believe Travelxp HD will be India's Global broadcast offering talking not only to the ethnic audiences as other Indian channels target to, but also to the Global Mainstream Audience”. Globally too, there aren't many International players in the travel channel space. If you see there are only a couple of travel channels across the globe. To put up a travel channel requires lot of investments, time and meticulous research. Today, Travelxp HD boasts of content quality which is second to none. High Definition Content production started three years back in full HD 1080i means that we definitely had plans and advanced vision to take advantage of the latest HD phenomenon. In fact, Travelxp HD is also India's first full HD channel which went on air” mentioned Chothani.

The 24-hour travel channel will have its beam all over from the UK to New Zealand, before being taken global. It will cater to all audiences, but primarily Sec A+, A & B.

Travelxp HD can be regarded as the Indian travel channel which will be the default choice of travel related information, content for not only Indian audiences but across the Globe several plat. With a wide footprint on the Intelsat 10 satellite, their current reach spreads across Australia to the UK, leaving just the Americas out of the current footprint.

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