We need to push creative boundaries with television: Vikram Pandey

Pandey, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett showed creative showreels from brands to highlight how their work on television has helped to etch themselves in the minds people

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Updated: Feb 5, 2020 2:00 PM
e4m TV First Vikram Pandey

Proving its remarkable resilience in an era of immense disruption, television continues to remain a ‘mass’ favourite. Despite the emergence of new SVOD services such as Netflix and the arrival of online video platforms such as YouTube, TV consumption has remained steadfast around the globe.

Every marketer worth his ROI understands the potential of an impactful TV spot and what it can drive for his brand. But eventually what does it really take to push the boundaries when it comes to creating TV campaigns that strike a chord with consumers?

At the second edition of e4m TV First Conference, Vikram Pandey, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, spoke about thinking outside the (idiot) box. Pandey showed the audience how to think differently when creating spots for TV and rather what brands and agencies are not doing to fully utilize the effectiveness of the television.

“TV advertising is a sea of sameness. We see 20-30 seconder ads. They all tend to look similar. They will have a story, a twist in the tale and probably one funny dialogue,” he said.

Pandey suggested that if we want to make the most of TV as a medium, brands need to innovate or will end up getting lost in this sea of sameness. Moreover, he advised that we need to own TV like we own content.

“Be a pirate. We can go out there and challenge the norms and do things differently. We are not pushing the boundaries. What pirates really do is that they push the boundaries. They do not wait for the commercial break or restrict themselves to a 30-seconder, a protagonist story or a product widow. They really go and break out there,” he added.

Pandey urged brands and agencies to push the envelope for innovation by experimenting with TV rather than following the tried and tested methods of brand-building. He showed creative showreels from brands like UberEasts, Burger King and Tide and explained how the bold work they did for television has helped etch themselves in the hearts and minds of people.

“Pirates steal the show and sometimes be a part of the show itself,” he asserted.

He opined that TV as a medium brings with it many opportunities that can be explored from a creative standpoint as well as from a scale point-of-view. "With something as dynamic as television you can do so much more. It reaches every house. You can speak to so many people at large. Can we come out of the television and talk to them?” Pandey added.

Furthermore, he remarked that pirates don’t beg for attention, they hijack it. “The minute you take two steps back, you can be a pirate too. But first, quit the navy,” he remarked while implying that it’s high time to move away from the cookie-cutter path and to take the bold and outlandish route instead.

He expounded, “The minute we start looking at the medium and challenging the boundaries, the opportunities are limitless. Then this can be the biggest medium and even what the Internet cannot be,” Pandey said with an air of finality.

The e4m TV First Conference was supported by Zee TV.

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