Why TOI brought out two editions on Saturday

Based on the insight that people are spending more time reading newspapers during this time, the group delivered two editions on the same day to boost engagement with their readers

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Updated: Sep 21, 2020 10:23 AM

On Saturday morning, there was an interesting surprise waiting for people at their doors. There was not one but two Times of Indias. After the initial confusion people figured out that it was created intentionally for a richer reading experience. 

“In our constant endeavour to give you more we’re doubling your delight quotient today. We bring you not one but two front pages” read the announcement. 

The feedback to the two TOI main newspaper on Saturday met with some resounding feedback ranging from positive sentiment to some tongue in cheek comments. A resident of Bengaluru, Shabari, says that for once she and her husband could read the newspaper at the same time without fighting about who gets which paper first. “With two papers and two sections of everything, it was such a peaceful morning. My Saturday began really well. Maybe I should consider ordering two newspapers every day”, she concluded.  

In a survey across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru the two TOI has been given a big thumbs up by over 75% of the readers. The remaining people mostly said it will need some getting used to. 

Commenting on the two newspapers on a single day, Partha Sinha , President,  Response said, “ The Times Group had been a pioneer when it comes to innovation. This is in line with the tradition. Our research showed that people are spending more time on the newspaper during this period and they need more reading material. We also figured out that there’s a queue of sorts in the morning and people want to share the paper especially on holidays etc. This created a great reading as well as sharing experience. 

Times Group said that that this festive season, people may not have enough opportunities to go out of their homes. So the home needs to made more interesting and there needs to bigger engagements from newspapers. “This is one of the many interesting ideas we have in store this festive season. This is the beginning of things to come. We have a lot planned for our readers and advertising partners – from exciting promotions, incentives to initiatives that can make a change in society. There’s lot more action coming your way” added Sinha.

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